Without Remote TV Keys Unlock - Top 3 Best Methods

Now we discuss the software keys problem And how to solve this problem easily and fix TV keys locked With these three best and unique ways.

Keys Problem Fixed Without Remote Control:

Without Remote Control
Keys Problem Fixed Without Remote Control


TV and LCD Keys Locked Problem is normal on all types of Televisions.

TV Keys Locked is an error in the keys panel of your TV, press any button on TV they not work or wrong output show like press menu button show volume or channel change such as volume and channels button press they not perform actual factions.

This problem is a software problem mostly seen on china TV and LCD and sometimes other brands. 

In case this key lock problem is not fixed with these methods so this is a hardware issue and not solved via these ways in this case change the TV keys panel with a new panel.

In case Remote Control not working you can Factory Reset then check out How To Reset A Remote Control.

TV Keys Unlock Without A Remote:


The first and most useful method for TV keys unlock,
First, plug off your TV or LCD then press and hold the power button and Volume plus and channel plus buttons at the same time on the TV and plug-in socket, now wait for the TV display to show.

After a few seconds, the TV will be turned on with a message on a TV screen (Reset Successfully) Now Keys Locked Fixed!

This method works on all china and popular Television Brands in case your Television is not supported please try again if no response 2 or 3 try then try the other methods described below.

2nd METHOD :

This is a very simple and easy method but not working on all Television Brands if the first method not working on your TV then try this method.

In this method your TV is ON position now you can press and hold the MENU Button for 30 to 40 seconds or until your TV shows a message in case of no message is shown on screen then try this twice and then plug off your TV and plugin after 10 minutes.

If a successful massage shows on your TV screen then no need to power off or plug off.

Now try keys they are unlocked and working if this method fails on television don't worry another alternative is available below please try the below method.


This method is used for TV Factory Restore or Factory Settings Reset in this way keys locked Problem together this Factory Reset.

Please try the first and second methods in case they are not working then try this because i. this method your Television Setting going to as Default and you can lose all saved settings and programs etc.

Before applying this method please note down your TV Setting values on paper or a screenshot via a camera in case something goes wrong you can set noted setting values.

Let's do it,
Your TV is in On mode Press and hold in sequence (1) Menu Button (2) Volume Up (3) Channel Up at last Power Button until your Television is Powered OFF.
Now Plug 🔌 OFF
Wait For 4 to 5 Hours
After this process plug 🔌 in your TV Press and Hold Power Button for 30 seconds and wait until your TV is displayed, After some time Television will be powered on with Factory Settings Restore and fixed all keys locked and TV locked problems, etc.


In case all methods failed on your Television then consult with a TV engineer or professional and check your TV keys panel that will be the best solution regarding your problem.
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