Keys Locked on all TV and LCD - Remove Key Lock On All TV

How To Remove Keys Lock On All TV, LCD, and LED TV:

How to remove keys lock on all TV, LCD and LED TV's
TV Keys Lock Remove


Keys Locked or Panel Lock problem on TV and LCD is a major issue, in this problem keys on TV panel are locked or not working.

It happens in almost all types of TVs, so because you press any button, then it does not fix your work if it does even make it wrong.

So because of this, you face difficulty, how is this TV keys lock problem fixed.

In this article today you will tell the ways you use to fix the Keylock problem.

We have spent these ways many times from the trial phase, and every time they have done their work well.

The use of these methods can easily fix you if your TV's buttons are not working or locked.


First of all, you tell you that you need a TV remote control.

So let's start

  • First TV or LCD Power ON
  • Pick Up Remote Control
  • Press Menu Button On Your Remote Control
  • On Menu Press Service Menu Codes ( within 3 Seconds)
  • Now Service Menu layout Show on TV Screen
  • This menu is used for many features enable or disable
  • Up or Down Arrow Button for Navigate 
  • Now Search Shipping INTL or Shipping Mode
  • Press For Confirmation ENTER or OK
  • Then Press Right Arrow or Lift Arrow Button
  • Wait For Few Seconds
  • TV Turn ON automatically after a few seconds
  • Now Fixed All Keys Locked on Your Television
  • Now Keys Unlock On Your TV

Note :

Service Menu Codes:
Service menu codes and Service Menu layout are not the same on all Television Brands or companies Check Out Your Service Menu Codes Here.

No Remote Control? Don't worry!

Click it without remote control removed tv keys lock problem.

If you do not have a remote control, you can fix the keys lock on the TV without remote control, 

NOTE: Before doing this process

Please note down all default settings values before doing this process, in case something is going wrong So you can the same setting.

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