How To Open Samsung Television Settings Menu

Access Samsung Setting Menu:

How to access Setting menu on Samsung TV and LCD
Samsung settings menu

How to open Setting Menu on Samsung Television, Samsung several settings for watching high resolution and High five action movies and drama and best quality sound adjustment.

How to use these Settings and gain high-quality Picture and sound output as per the User's choice.

For the best viewing experience, you must know about these Settings.

Adjust TV picture settings and sound and others Settings in TV Setting Menu.

Setting Menu on Samsung TV:

When we Adjust TV sound and picture modes like pic sizing and sound option on your Samsung TV and LCD and led.

First, pick the Remote Control for open and navigate your Samsung TV Settings.

Second Select of Adjustment option and set it as your choice option.

Now list shows on the Samsung TV screen of Setting Menu different types of Setting and options.

Now Change in this setting list Setting for many options.


Open Accessibility Setting and also open Network Settings, General Setting, Time Adjustment, Language Selection in Samsung TV and LCD.


Now Adjustment of pictures mode like Picture sizing, view setting, color change, accept ratio setting, Backlight values adjustment, sharpness values change, brightness 🔅 Value set, Contrast Value Setting in this picture setting.


In this option Setting the output sound quality, sound mode, audio optimization, sound fine-tune, sound balance values, equalizer settings change as presets menu or custom and also sound output source setting.


Parental control uses for program lock or unlocks content as per parent's choice.
Enable or disable adult Content and movie and program in this parental controls features.


Broadcast is known as TV scan or tune Settings, Scam TV channels using the Auto Scan option and also available manual Scan option.


In this menu check the software version and software update.
Support option also allows to Samsung TV remote control management and solve many kinds of issues and problems, and we also open E- Manual on Samsung TV and LCD.


Account Setting option allows to Users Enable Or Disable Captions On Videos, 
How to Access Captions Menu > General Setting — Accessibility — Captions Settings — Open or Close.

These Settings use for configuration and Adjustment of many Features on Samsung TV like General Setting, time setting, language setting change, color setting, Contrast Value set, parental controls Settings, Account Setting, software update, sound and pictures quality adjustment, Support option setting, auto Scan Channel and broadcasting Settings, captions Setting and Much More.

These provide the best and High-quality picture and sound quality for users.
Change these settings as per requirement for home use or public area uses and Setting configuration.

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