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TV's Picture Settings:

TV's Picture Settings, lcd tv picture settings
TV's Picture Settings

Hi Friends, Best and recommend TV picture settings on all types of TV and LCD.


In this article, we discuss optimal picture settings for Television manufacturing companies as per customers' requirements.

Your Television has many features/Function and enhances the process of the picture you see on TV and LCD.

How to adjust TV picture settings will ensure the correct and best picture results.

Most companies TV settings optimization as per commercial and public area use and this television showing the very best picture quality POP Up Color and Picture Quality.


Very Most Important & Common TV Setting that use for all existing TV and LCD, LED, Smart TV and Android TV and LCD for all TV Companies.

Mostly Specific Values in percentage but some TV Brand specifications on a scale.

Present value 1 to 100 and scale values 0 to 20.

Fifty Percent 50% is Equal To Scale 10
(Percent 1×5)= Scale

Pictures Mode Settings :

These Settings Supporting Only for The Movie or Cinema Mode in Picture Quality adjustment.

Settings Value :

Sharpness value = set at 0 Percent
If Picture Quality Blurred at sharpness on 0% then try 50% Value.

Brightness 🔅 Value = set at 50 Percent
If Picture Quality Darker at Brightness on 50% then tries 70% Value.

Contrast Value = set at 100 Percent
If Picture Quality Blurred at Contrast on 100% then try 50% or 60% Values.

Colors Value = set at 50 Percent
If Picture Quality Not Eye Catching at Color on 50% then try 65% Value.

Tint G/R Value = set at 50 Percent
If Picture Quality Flat at on 50% then tries 70% Value.

Hur Value = set at 0 to 10 Percent
If Picture Quality Bad at on 0% then tries 50% Value.

Gamma Value = set 2.2 or 1.8 or 2.9

Picture Mode Advanced Settings:

First, turn off all kinds of Barriers in Picture processing that claim to the improvement of image quality.

These picture mode Settings Only Game or Computer Not Supported on the Picture mode.

These Setting For Samsung — LG — Sony TV and LCD.


Black Tone Value — Set As — Off
Dynamic Value — set as — Off
Flesh Tone Value — set as — 10
Gamma Value — set as — 10
Motion Light — set s — Off
Digital C View — set as — Off
S.LED — set as — Off
S Resolution — set as -Off
Dyn Color — set as — Off
Eye 👁️ Care — set as — Off
Real Cinema Value — set as — Off
Noise Red — set as — Off
Smooth G — set as — Off
Cine M Value — set as -Off
Live Color Value — set as — On
EDGE — set as — On

These Above Mentioned Setting and Values For Advance Picture Quality adjustment For Samsung, Sony, LG TV, and LCD TV.


Before applying these Custom Setting on your TV please note down all settings, in case something is going wrong you set noted Setting as Default.

If Gone wrong everything goes to the Factory Reset menu and Factory Setting reset to default.

Read more about how to keys Fix without remote control on all Television.


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