How To TV & LCD Hard Factory Settings Reset

How To TV Hard Factory Reset:

How To Hard Factory Reset, factory reset on tv
How To Hard Factory Reset


Hi Friends, To Make Hard Factory Settings Reset on TV and LCD TV. 
Hard Reset Use for many reasons like TV keylock Problem, parental controls Lock issue, display mirror, sound quality enhance and source menu or input source not working and many others problem fix on TV.

ALL TV Hard Factory Reset:

Hard Factory reset or Forced Factory Settings Reset perform with Remote Control and without the remote.

We Discuss these two methods First Without Remote Control and 2nd With Remote Control and Service menu Codes.

Let's Start: 

Hard Factory Settings Without Remote.

  • First of all, Unplug the LCD TV from Electric socket and wait for 20 Minutes
  • After this Process Plug-In Back Electric socket after a few minutes and press and hold POWER KEY - VOLUME UP KEY - CHANNEL UP KEY at the same time and wait for a few seconds
  • After some time TV will be Turn On Automatically And LCD TV On After Hard Factory Settings Reset Default.

Hard Factory Reset With Remote and Codes.

  • Now if you want to make a hard Factory Reset on LCD TV and LED TV.
  • Now Your Brands and Model Service Menu Code Requirements for Hard Factory Reset all TV and LCD Service Menu Codes Available On Over This Site search And see your tv code for entering into Service Menu.
  • Press on Remote Control MENU Keys Show Menu On-screen 
  • Now press Your Model Service Menu Code by pressing keys on Remote

After this process Service Menu show and see Factory Reset / Shipping INTL / Shipping Mode or Factory Option and Select with Remote and press Ok / Enter for processing this method is mostly used for all types of TV for a hard reset.

This Method work along with Service Menu Codes some universal use for all company's TV and LCD TV

( 1147 ) ( 1947 ) ( 2008 )
( 123 ) ( 0000 ) ( 7777 ) 
( 1234 ) ( 0123 ) ( 8002 )
( 0011 ) 

You can Try these codes if you don't know about your brand or model code.

For More Information About Service Menu and Factory Reset Details available please search on top Regarding your Problem.

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