LCD TV Keys Locked - TV Lock Fix Without A Remote

How To Fix Keys Lock And TV Lock Problem Easily All Step And Details Below.

TV unlock without remote
Keys locked on tv

All TV Lock Fix Without A Remote Control:


This Method Work On All kinds of LCD, Led, and Smart TVs.

This Method Use For TV Keys Lock Problem And How To Keys And TV Lock Unlock Easily.

This Method is Also Use For Factory Settings Reset Default On All TVs.


Some Brands Not Support This Method!

If Your TV And LCD Or Led Not Supported This Method.

Please contact Or Leave A Comment, We Will Contact You As Soon As Possible.

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  • First TV And LCD Power On
  • Pick Your TV Remote Control
  • Press Menu Key On Your TV Remote Control
  • Now Showing Menu On TV Screen On Menu Press (1147 / 1947) Fast On Remote Control.
  • Now Service Menu is shown on the TV screen
  • Search 🔎 Shipping Int Or Shipping Mode in this menu
  • Select Shipping Mode And Now Press the Right or Left Arrow Key On Your TV Remote Control
  • By Pressing Arrow Key TV Will Be powered off And Go To Factory Reset Wait Few Seconds TV Will Be Power On Automatically.
  • If TV Or LCD does Not Power On Automatically Press Power On Button On TV Remote Control
  • Now TV Power With Default Factory Reset
Now Check Your TV
Keys Locked Fixed
TV Locked Fixed

Special Note:

This Method Work With Remote Control if Remote Control Not Work Fixed TV remote control use the method below.

If Your Remote Control is Locked please Remove Remote Control Locked.

Follow These Steps


Remove Remote Control Battery and Press all Keys On Remote Control 3 times each Key and Rest Remote Control For a few minutes.

After a few minutes Put a remote control battery and Try Your Remote Control.


If your remote control not working press

(Start) (Sat) (0) (0) (5)

Try this method to unlock Remote Control.


Remote Control Keys not working

Remove Battery and Press Power Buttons Many Times For One Minute

In this way, you can fix the remote control problem and Lock Not working.


Remote Control Battery Remove and Discharge all Remaining Current By Pressing Keys on the remote control.


If No Method work Please Bay Universal Remote Control For your TV.


If Universal Remote Control does Not Match

Please Try Alternative Method

Without Remote.

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2nd Method

Now Your TV remote control is Missing or Broken How to Fix keys lock problem very easily.


  • Power On Your TV or LCD
  • Press MENU Button on TV pres and hold for a minimum of 30 seconds
  • While pressing the menu key Service Menu show on your TV
  • Now search factory reset or Shipping intl menu
  • Ch+ /Ch- & Vol+ /Vol- Keys For Navigate
  • Menu Key Now Use for Ok / Enter
  • Now Select Shipping Mode or Factory Reset on TV and Press the menu button for okay
  • In this Way, the TV will be Factory Settings Reset Default and fix keys locked problem on All Company TV and LCD TV.


  • First Plug Off Your TV

  • Now Press the` MENU  Vol+ Ch+` buttons at the same time and press and hold And plug In the Socket for the power supply
  • Now your TV Power On after Little Moment with service menu tools options
  • Search factory reset or Shipping Intl menu
  • Ch+ / Ch- & Vol+ / Vol- Keys For Navigation
  • Menu Key Now Use for Ok / Enter Purpose
  • Now Select Shipping Mode or Factory Reset on TV and Press the menu button for okay
  • In this Way, the TV will be Factory Settings Reset Default and fix keys locked problem on All Company TV and LCD TV.


  • Plug 🔌 Off Your TV and LCD
  • Press Only MENU Button 🔘 For Many Times
  • If Your TV A Back up Batteries Please Remove Battery from Back Panel.
  • Wait for 5 to 6 hrs
  • Now Plug 🔌 In Your TV
  • Now Press MENU Button For 30 Seconds
  • After Little Moment service menu Show
  • Search Factory reset or Shipping mode
  • Ch+ / Ch- & Vol+ / Vol- Keys For Navigate Features and options
  • Menu Key Now Use for Ok / Enter
  • Now Select Shipping Mode or Factory Reset on TV and Press the menu button for entering
  • In this Way, the TV will be Factory Settings Reset Default and fixed keys locked problem on All Company TV and LED TV

About :

These are All Methods we use many times on many TV these work will and fix the TV, LCD, LED, Smart TV, Android TV, And All Old Models if some Methods not working try the next Method, and we share our experience with you because this problem faces every home and every TV user.
If you try all Methods try without the Remote Control Method.


If no method work on your TV please comment on your TV and LED brand and model number or contact us.

We provide the best solution regarding your TV problems.

These method and processes work on all brands like Samsung TV, Sony TV, Toshiba TV, LG TV, Hair TV, Philip TV, Changing TV, v trek TV, Coby TV, sharp LCD TV, element TV, CTC TV, etc.

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This article is special for everyone on how to have a TV, LED, LCD and Smart TV In this article we complete beefing regarding TV Problems, Remote Control problems, Keys Locked Fixed without Remote Control and with remote control and Remote Control lock Problem best 6 Method to fix a Remote Control at home all tips and tricks regarding TV and LED TV discussed for more information visit our YouTube channel for video tutorial regarding all TV LCD LED Problem solutions videos available there.

This TV problem is usually faced every one much time we also face this problem every day and solved this Problem every day, this special article about all kinds of Electrical items Such as TV and TV Problems.

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