OPTIK TV Parental Control Block / Unblock Program

OPTIK TV Parental Control Feature:

OPTIK TV Parental Control Feature, child lock
OPTIK TV Parental Cont


Hi friends, Today's Discussion About OPTIK TV and LCD Parental Control Feature Block or Unblock and Generate A Parental Control PIN and Program Block/ Unblock Option.

How to easily create a PIN and unblock or Block Program and Contents and Your Choice channels by Channels Rating and Classification.

First Of All, Create A Kids Lock Or Parental Lock PIN Code.

Parental control or Kids Lock is Must be set on every TV and Android Box and Digital Box with your PIN Code and also need this PIN Code to modification your TV and TV Box Settings like Viewing Lock Content and also for changing your TV parental control PIN Codes.

How To Create Parental Control PIN Code.

  • First Press MENU Key On Remote Control
  • Then Click on Setting
  • Now Click On Parental Control Option
  • Let's Create A Unique Four Digits PIN Code Using The TV Remote Control 
  • Then Re-Enter PIN And Confirm PIN code.

How To Lock Or Unlock TV Program.

Press MENU Keys On TV Remote Control for unblock and block program list.

First Select Setting Option on menu then click on parental controls Option and Enter your PIN You already generate

Arrow Keys Use For Highlighting Change and want to block or unlock by pressing OK Button on Remote Control.

Now Program Enable Or Disable As Your Choice Using TV Remote Control Arrow Key For Highlight Purpose and OK key For Done.


This Method Work On Optik TVs and Digital Boxes.

Kids Lock Or Child lock Feature Work on Also Remote Control and Control Your Remote and protect From Children unknown activity.

Now Try This Method On Your Optik TVs in This Method not Working Please Leave a Comment or Contact Us or try an alternative method search on the main page on the top search option.

Optik TVs Parental controls features and Lock or Unlock program, movie and others content you not allowed your children this method is the best Control for programs.

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