How to reset a remote control - Remote Reset

Reset all types of remote control, how to fix not responding remote control.

Remote control reset
How To Reset Remote Control

Remote control not working or locked how to reset all types remote control, all TV, LCD, LED, Home theater system, car, and mp3, etc.


Many methods are used for remote control Factory Reset and default settings values.

In this article, we discuss these Methods.

First Method: 

This method is very simple and works on all types and companies' remote control and fixed default settings.

First, remove the remote control batteries, and after that press and hold the Power + Mute buttons for 20 seconds then put the batteries or cell.

2nd Method:

This method is used for resetting remote control and also use for kids or child lock enable or disable.

This method does not work on all types of remote controls some brands do not support this method.

First press the display button on the TV or Sat button on the setup box or dish receiver remote control, then press this code on your remote control (005 / 111 / 777) after this please press Power Key for a little moment and then check your remote control.

3rd Method:

This is a very useful and important method and works on all types of remote control and fixes remote control factory settings and Lock problems.

First, remove the battery all press all buttons on the remote control each key then put the battery and check on your device.

4th Method:

This method is very easy and important for resetting remote control settings and locks, this method does not work on some local brands otherwise this method is very unique and awesome.

Pick up your remote control and search the RECALL button on the remote control, press the recall button for 30 to 40 seconds 3 times then press the power button 3 times now let's try.

5th Method:

This method is an alternative method to the 4th method in this method only changes one button other process is the same as the above mentioned.

Pick your TV remote control and press and hold the DISPLAY button for more than 30 seconds then press the power key same as the above method.

Final Thought:

These five methods use reset remote control factory settings and other problems that are a barrier to remote control serviceability.


Feedback and Suggestion

  1. Thanks for getting in touch with me but all these methods are not working, I got a new remote from sky it's the exact same as the old one I remember the code that I used in the old one but when I try it won't except it, the Walker brand of tv is not on there list so it won't except it everything else will work but the volume buttons, anyone else know how to fix it

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