Sony TV Child Locked Fix

Parental Control / Child Lock On Sony TV:

Sony TV Child Locked, Sony TV parental control
Sony TV Child Locked

When the KIDS LOCK or CHILD LOCK function is activated on your Sony TV, how to fix this Lock on the Sony TV and LCD and Home Theater system.

Keys and Buttons on the TV and Home Theater system are Locks 🔒. A key symbol lights up in the TV front panel displayed and Button Work.

When pressing the buttons on the television while the KIDS LOCK functions.

Child lock Known as Parental controls features, this function works on all types of TV, LCD, LED, and home theater systems. It allows users to enable or disable many features and options as per requirement.


  • Pick Remote Control and press System Menu.
  • Now Search Child lock Press Down Arrow Button repeatedly Or Use Arrow Up Keys On Remote Control.
  • CHILD LOCK On The front Panel is displayed on the TV Screen.
  • Right Arrow Key or press Enter key.
  • Up or Down Button Use for selecting settings of child lock.
  • Now ON Or OFF Child Lock Options Show on your TV screen.
  • ON use to enable kids to lock
  • OFF use for disabled kids Lock

Use For:

Child Lock or Kids Lock Features!
Mostly used to enable or disable many Factions, options, programs, and content as per parent choice.

Child lock option for parents that control adult Content and away from their children from unwanted programs and drama films etc.

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