How To Access Service Menu On Television - What Is Service Menu

AOAToday we Discuss Secret Hidden (Service Menu) or Engineering Menu On TVs.

Service Mode explain
Service Menu 

What is Service Menu:

All Television Companies and Brand's TV contain a Unique and Secret Service menu (Engineering mode) Code.

Which allows TV Users to change and enable or disable various internal settings and features and options. 

This service menu also allows you to enable or disable lots of software settings on your television.

This Service Menu also allows to Factory Reset or Factory Settings Reset Default on TV.

Service menu codes used for keys locked on TV and LCD TV.

The service menu allows changing PIN code or Enable Or Disable Parental controls features on TV.

Source Problem and Input Source Menu Enable Or Disable Via Service Menu Codes.

Service menu codes will work on all kinds of TV'S Such as CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma, HD, FHD, 2K, 4K, 8k, 12k, etc.

How To Use Service Menu:

Be careful while playing with these service menus and Service Menu Codes.

Better to make changes and check effects first.

Don't save the change immediately wait a little moment and confirm before saving these Values and adjustment is perfect.

In Case something goes wrong don't Worry.

Just Power off the television and switch on it again after 10 minutes.

It will restore default settings.

Go To Service Menu again And open service menu selects shipping intl on TV.

Press the Right arrow Button and Wait.

After a few seconds, the TV will be Factory Settings Reset Default automatic and power on.

Special Note

Please Note down The default settings values Before changing them on your TV.

So that you can restore them in the future if something goes wrong while playing Service Menu and Codes, Service Menu List.

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