How to factory settings reset on Haier TV

Haier Television Reset:

Haier TV Factory Reset and Service menu
Haier TV Factory Reset


In this article, we discussed How To Haier TV and LCD TV Hard Factory Settings Reset Default.


  • First of all, need to turn haier television so that press POWER BUTTON on the haier tv remote control
  • Secondary press HOME button on the remote
  • Open the main MENU on your Haier television using the remote control
  • Arrow button used to navigate through the main menu
  • Now find SETTINGS with the use of the arrow button scroll down on the main menu
  • Highlight Settings and press the OK button on the remote control
  • Go to next select GENERAL in Settings
  • Now press the OK button on the remote
  • Now highlight SYSTEM RECOVERY in general
  • Press the OK button on the remote control for confirmation
  • Now, wait until the haier television factory settings restoration process is complete.
  • Now work done your television reset


Factory settings reset erase all personal data and account data, files and settings don't recover, it goes wrong to unplug your television and leave for few hours then plugin and clear all saved settings.

Before doing factory settings reset note all settings and values in case something happens your reapply saved settings and values on your television set.

Following these all methods use for Haier TV hard reset or master restore default settings by using hardware panel button and smart television settings, to accomplish the best results and run faster your Haier television


Remove or delete data in your haier television in this article we also learn how to wipe all personal data in Haier TV and LCD TV.

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