How To Reset Philips TV Without A Remote Control

Philips TV Reset Without A Remote

Philips TV Reset
Philips TV Factory Reset

How to perform factory settings reset on Philips television and LCD and smart television.
Factory settings reset used for many reasons mostly use this feature television data wiped, keys lock on panel, television locked, parental controls, hotel mode, and input source problem.

Philips television restores default with remote control and without remote control via television smart setting or keys panel using.


Following these steps use to perform factory settings on Philips Television.

  • First of all, pick up your Philips tv remote control
  • Make sure your remote control in TV MODE
  • Now Press the SELECT button to repeat the pressing process until Television Light red to green
  • Press the MENU button on the remote control
  • Scroll down and select SETTINGS on the menu
  • Press the right️ arrow button 2 time
  • Scroll down and select RESET AV SETTINGS on the setting menu
  • Now press the cursor right button on START NOW on the setting menu
  • Now press the OK button on the remote control
  • Now Exit from this menu 
  • For exit use the MENU button on the remote control
  • Now Your Philips television reset factory settings default.
  • Now starting process is done ✅

Mentioning this method will easily solve Philips television problems.

Personal Data:

How does a factory restore default on Philips television, while playing factory settings reset all personal data, files, accounts, and setting removed permanently on your Philips television?

Data Recovery:

How to recover wiped data on your Philips television? You can recover on your google account data stored online in your drive, all data permanently removed on your television while performing factory settings reset on Philips television.


Please in mind factory settings reset used only in troubleshooting or very essential required for unlocking features or resetting PIN or password on your television.

Before performing factory settings please note own all settings and values in the case that goes wrong while playing restore features you can reset your noted settings and values.

Using this method you can restore all the factory settings of your Philips television and there are many problems including parental controls.

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