How To Factory Reset On Portal TV - Portal TV Hard Reset

How to factory settings reset on portal television, the option of factory setting reset is present on all televisions.
Portal TV reset
Portal TV Reset


Resetting the factory settings brings the television to its default setting, there are many purposes behind restoring a TV set, keys locked on television, disabling parental controls, and selling your television, picture, and sound output.

In simple words that is, if you are not getting the result of your choice, the factory setting reset up will return your television to its new state.


One thing to keep in mind when resetting the TV to factory settings is that when you do a factory setting, you will find all types of files on the TV, as well as all the types you have set up, and whatever I have it will also be gone and you can't return it so you can only do factory setting on the TV when necessary.

Another thing to keep in mind before setting up a factory is that whatever you have to set up, you have to take note of it somewhere or take a picture of it so that if you have any problem while setting up, you can Repeat the same settings.

In Incase Something Goes Wrong;
And if you make a mistake while setting up the factory, there is nothing to worry about. 

You have to unplug your TV and leave the TV locked for five or six hours.  

After you plug in the TV again, your settings will be lost again.


In today's article, we are going to tell you full details about the factory setting of the portal TV set and how you have to set it up.


  • Let's do it, 
  • Perform a factory reset on portal television using the portal television remote control.
  • On the home of the portal TV select, the setting option then selects of General Option.
  • Navigate to the general option and select the Factory Reset option.
  • Highlight and select the complete factory reset option and press the Ok button on the remote.
  • The restore process starts to wait for a few seconds.


In case your portal television remote control is missing or damaged don't worry about the best alternative available for a portal tv factory reset.
  • Let's do it, 
  • First of all, unplug your television power cord.
  • Secondly, press and hold the power key on the television side or back panel.
  • Now, plug in the television back to the power cord, while plugging the power button press and hold.
  • A countdown banner notification with the message `TV will factory reset in 10 seconds is displayed on the portal television screen.
  • Press and hold the power button during the countdown notification.


After factory settings reset on the portal television reset the portal TV remote control by pressing the Volume Up and Back Button for 15 to 20 seconds.

When settings up your portal television pair your remote control with the portal television.

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