Samsung Smart TV Hard Reset - How TO Factory Reset Default On Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV Hard Factory Reset:

Samsung TV hard Factory Reset, forced factory reset on samsung tv
Samsung Smart TV Hard Reset


A hard factory reset default will be reset all the television back to default settings, reset all settings personal data, and all options and values default.

Factory settings reset default is typically done when we want to sell or there is a major problem that can only be fixed with hard factory settings reset.


The factory settings reset process will remove all customized Samsung smart television settings and values, tuned television channel, personal data, recovered files, installed application, save wifi password, custom settings, and store media files.

In simple words restoring your Samsung smart television to its factory settings default will remove all user and personal data on your Samsung television.


Before hard factory reset default please keep in mind you will lose all data on your device including all files, settings, user name and data delete permanently, not recovered again after hard reset.

So before performing factory settings on Samsung smart tv please note down all settings and personal data and values in case something goes wrong while playing factory settings you can re-apply noted settings and values or take a picture before performing factory settings.

Don't save quickly! incase re-apply settings are not perfect and not working properly don't worry unplug your television and leave for 5 to 6 hours then plug in the power socket and turn on all saved settings and values reset automatically.


Perform hard reset following these steps and codes;
  • First of all POWER ON your Samsung smart television
  • Second press the  MENU button on the remote control
  • Now navigate to the  menu and select SUPPORT Options in the menu and press ENTER button on the remote control
  • Then select Self Diagnosis Menu with a  reset on the menu
  • Pop-up banner show enter your Samsung smart tv security PIN then press enter button
( The default security PIN Code is 0000- 1111)
  • The factory settings reset screen will be showing with a warning ⚠️ banner massage, select YES and press the OK button on the remote control for confirmation factory settings reset
  • Now factory settings restoration process started, this hard reset process takes 1 to 5 minutes
During this factory settings reset first television turn off automatically then turn on automatically and will display setup screen show on your Samsung smart television.


Samsung smart television default PIN code is 0000 if you changed the custom security PIN you enter your custom security PIN code.


How to factory settings reset default your Samsung smart television without security PIN easily.

If you have not remembered your Samsung smart television security PIN don't worry!

Following these steps and codes use for Samsung smart tv restore the default.
  • First Plug-in your television 
  • In standby Mode ( standby mode when red light shows)
  • Pick up your television remote control
  • Press MUTE = 8-2-4 = POWER
  • Now your television factory settings reset process start 
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minute's
  • After this process, the television will power on with a set-up screen
  • Now settings up your television
  • Factory settings reset successfully.


In case 824 not working on your television please try this code 1147, all Samsung codes list is here click here and get all Samsung factory settings reset codes.

For more information ask questions about Samsung smart television please contact us.

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