Hidden Service Menu Codes For Samsung, Sony, LG - Secret Service Menu Codes List


LG SAMSUNG SONY TVService menu codes, open service menu on all tv and lcd


In this article, we will tell you about Sony TV, Samsung TV, and LG TV service menu and service menu codes.

The service menu option is available on all types of TV using this service menu by a lot of TV's intranet features enable or disable it. 

Using service menu codes, you can open the TV factory setting by opening the service menu. 

Today we will tell you the details of three major brand TVs, which will complete the details of the access menu of Samsung, Sony, and all the models of the LG and will also tell how you will be able to open the service menu and who are used by codes.

And after accessing the service menu, how you have to set up, and how to properly enable or disable features, you will also be given full guidance. 

Samsung TV Service Menu, LG TV Service Menu, and Sony TV Service Menu 


First We will talk about Samsung TV codes and service menu opening. 

The number of Samsung uses the service menu will tell you the details about the service menu and you will be told about their feature. 

By the whole layout, you will tell you how to do the service in the service menu and how you have to set up Samsung TV settings.

Through the Samsung TV service menu, you will be able to default the TV factory resting, enable or disable the image height width and sound and option the lock of the buttons, to activate or disable the child or kids Lock, and enables many software issues. 

Click on it to go to the Samsung TV service menu and codes list.


The second number is going to tell you the LG TV service menu and service menu codes about how they are used to and how you will open service on LG TV. 

Which option is the option in the service menu in LG's TV and how they are controlled and the LG TV factory is the default. 

How are the LG TV feature of the Goldeneye and how to enable a USB drive and the hotel mode and enable the entire activation?

About the LG TV's features, you will tell you in full detail what you can control through the feature and what they have. 

Click here for the LG TV service menu and codes list.


At the third number, we are going to tell you how to open the Sony TV service menu that you have to open the service on Sony TV and whose code is used in this service menu.

Using Sony TV service menu codes, you will be able to enable or disable Sony TV's hotel mode, will be able to enable or disable Sony TV factory, can be able to enable or disable the Child mode, the Sony TV can be able to disable the lock of the TV buttons, plus many features will be able to enable or disable. 

These codes work for all models of Sony and provide access to the service menu.

Click on this to get the Sony TV service menu codes list.


Click here to get all TV, LCD, LED, SMART TV, AND ANDROID TV'S service menu codes.

Whenever you use the codes in this service and enable or disable your features of the TV through this service, you can work very carefully using this method. 

Whenever you change TV settings or enable or disable any fingers, check well that you have settings, it's fine, do not save fast.

Try to set this setting first to the first settings that are first applied to the noted and then select the service menu! 

So when you are setting up and your TV sets are bad, then the settings you have noted have been set to your tv again and save you from your TV settings. 

Users of service menu and service codes do TV fixes that they do many settings TV and set the TV display of TV factories and solutions to many software problems.

If you want to do the service menu and service menu to you, you have to be able to stand and do the following instructions above, and if you have any mistake, you do not have to worry about the TV's unplug the TV and leave the same for a few hours, then the settings you have wrong will be re-resorted automatically.

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