Vizio TV Hard Reset Without A Remote Control - Vizio TV

How to factory settings reset on VIZIO television complete details and all steps.

Factory settings restoration on your Vizio tv will delete all settings, values, and data, you will need to re-enter all settings and information.

Vizio TV Hard Reset
Vizio TV Hard Reset 


Factory settings reset fix all types of problems on Vizio Smart TV. Reset option also fixed display, picture, sounds, keys lock, parental controls, panel lock, and hotel mode enable or disable many features and settings.

Vizio TV factory reset to default with TV remote control and without a remote control.

First, we discussed how to perform factory settings with remote control and then we learn how to factory reset without a remote control.


Following these steps to restore VIZIO TV factory settings reset.

  • First, pick VIZIO TV remote control
  • Press the MENU button using the tv remote control
  • Arrow keys on the television remote control are used to highlight the system
  • Press on the remote control OK Button
  • Use Arrow keys and highlight the Reset and Admin option
  • Then press the OK button on the remote
  • Now TV screen new menu that shows and asks enter your password
  • Please enter 0000 in the password menu
(In case your password is changed or use parental controls or child lock features then what enter your manually changed password - the default password is 0000)
  • Now highlight the Reset and press the OK button on the remote control
  • Now Vizio Television turns off
  • Wait for the television to turn on automatically
  • The application setup process now starting
  • Now your television Factory Reset Default


In case something goes wrong while performing factory settings restoration, Don't worry unplug your television and leave it for servals hours, then plug-in socket and power on your television all saved settings will be deleted after this simple method.


Now we discussed how to perform Vizio smart tv and LCD factory settings restoration without remote control if your television remote control is broken or missing you have to try this method for Vizio smart tv restore without remote control easily.


Following these steps to Factory settings on VIZIO TV without a remote control.

  • Vizio TV is also able to fix and reset without a remote let's do it.
  • Press and Hold Input Button
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button
  • These buttons are available on the television key panel on the side of the television.
  • Both keys press and hold for 15 to 20 seconds
  • After a few seconds, a banner menu displays and ask if you reset your television please press and hold the input and volume down button to continue.
  • After a little moment your television restart with default factory settings.
  • Now VIZIO TV reset default


Perform factory settings restore on television please note down all default settings and data before, in case television default settings do not work properly you will apply noted settings and values.

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