Hard factory reset on Android TV without remote control

How To Hard factory Reset on Android TV without remote control

Android TV Hard Factory Reset
Android TV Hard Factory Reset


In today's article, we will talk about how you can restore factory on android television easily via remote control, smart setting, and without a remote control.

A frequently asked question, how to reset my Android TV? in this article full details regarding this problem, these methods I used personally on a lot of companies tv and they will be a positive response every time.

Many methods are used to restore a television factory, in one you can restore without remote control, also you can reset the using the buttons on the back or side of the television and also in android default through smart settings.


Factory storage is required on tv when happens that the TV fails or there is a problem that is not usually resolved.

There are many reasons to set up a hard factory, the first of which is that if you update the software on your television, then the software crashes, then you Are required And the second reason the factory restore menu is not opening.

In addition to these two reasons, there may be other reasons why you have to restore the television factory.


What happens if we factory reset on Android tv, this question-pinching everyone user's before the reset, in my experience regarding restoring tv setting all personal data will be removed permanently.

File and documents, all settings and save the password, installed application except google data stores on drive delete permanently.


Most people think before the tv restoration how do I put my Android TV in recovery mode and recover all save data and files after default settings easily.

The answer regarding this problem no data will be recovery after factory reset only could storage recover.

Some app data recovery if we syne application with google account.

Recover app data, implement the following steps described below.

  • ( home - settings - google - select synced app - chose the app - Sync now )
  • ( home - settings - personal - google - select synced apps in Sync - chose the application you want to sync with google - sync now)


I recommend this, before resetting the TV to factory settings note down all settings and values on a notebook or take a picture, sometimes playing with factory mode goes wrong you can able to reset all settings again on television.

If goes wrong while performing a factory reset on the television, don't worry about just unplugging the television for a few hours, then plug in the power all save settings restore.


  • All you have to do to set up the hard factory on the television is to unplug the television from the electrical socket.
  • Then you have to press and hold the power button on the television.
  • Re-plug and hold down the power button until you have a white TV screen in front of you, this process takes approximately 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Release the power key after the white light appears on the screen, force restore process complete.
  • If the white light doesn't appear within 40 seconds repeat this method.
  • Now, wait for a few hours, the television restart 2 times, if the television doesn't turn on automatically then press the power key if the TV doesn't run, unplug the power socket, and then the plugin power socket.


  • Unplug the tv from the power socket.
  • Power key and vol down keys press and hold simultaneously ( on panel keys ).
  • While holding these keys plugin power socket.
  • The button is pressed down until erasing menu appears on the television screen.
  • This process takes approximately 1 minute.
  • When erasing screen appears release the keys.
  • If erasing mode doesn't show repeat this method.
  • Wait a little moment for the reset process to take place.
  • Television reboots automatically.
  • If the television doesn't power on automatically press the power keys.
  • Welcome setup screen show on the tv.
  • In case the welcome screen doesn't show unplug and then plug it again.
  • Perform the tv setup when the 2nd screen is shown on television.


This method of restoring the television is mostly used by professionals, so if you want to use this method, you can easily restore the television factory at home with it.


As we said above, the method is mainly used by professionals. If you need to do it yourself, be careful. If you have a problem, then again restore.


In today's article, we will advise of the two most valuable techniques to restore the factory of Android TV.
Using both of these procedures, you will be able to easily restore the television factory.

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