Sony TV Factory Settings Reset and Service Menu Codes

All the company's televisions have a service menu, through which you can change the settings of the TV and enable or disable many features.
Sony TV Service Menu
Sony TV Service Mode 



In this article, we will tell you how you can open the service menu on Sony TV and you will also be given full details about the codes used for this.

The service menu option is a must on all types of digital and classic TVs. It is also commonly called engineer mode or advanced menu mode.


Using this service menu and codes the user can change many TV settings at his discretion, service menu can also control many functions such as image height, keys locked on TV, width and position, and color as well as sound quality and factory settings restored to default.

These codes are mostly used by TV mechanics to enable and disable many features in television and also repair television internal programs and features as per user choice and the main use for television factory settings restoration and unlock TV.


In today's article, we will talk with your friends about the hidden secret codes of Sony TV's service menu through which you can access the service menu.

These codes work on almost all Sony television models, such as LCD, LED, CRT, 2K, 4K, and Plasma LED.


One thing to keep in mind before using these Service Menu Codes and service menu features, be sure to note down all the default settings and values so that when you change if you don't like it or your setting is disturbed.

So you can easily do the same setting and values noted again.

This is very important so that when you make a mistake or save some wrong values, you can reactivate the same settings that you saved or took note of.

You need to be very careful when using the service menu codes when you are making a value change, first check its effects carefully and never save this setting immediately.  

Save it after you are satisfied.


Don't worry if you make a mistake while using the service menu and secret codes!

To fix this you first have to turn off the TV and then you have to restart it then the setting you made with it will be lost.

The best way to avoid all of this is to take a picture from your mobile phone, etc.

Whenever you use the service menu or keep it written down so that if something goes wrong you can use it re-apply noted settings and values.


To open the service menu on Sony TV, first, you have to turn off the TV by pressing the power button on the remote control.

Then you have to press these codes with your remote control Display- 5- Vol Up- Power, when you complete this task, a hidden service menu will appear on your TV screen.

Once you have entered the service menu you have to press the menu button from the remote control. 

Using it you can switch many features of the TV menu such as digital, classic, and VPC modes that can be easily changed.

To go to the options in the service menu you will press 1 or 4 buttons, and to change the values ​​of all the options in the service menu you will press three and six buttons from your remote control.

Buttons are used 1 or 4 For Navigation and 3 or 6 For Modification and changes.

When you have made any value change, then to save that value, you need to save press on remote control (Mute and Zero) button.
Whatever you have set, mute and zero from the remote pressing the button will save all changes.


Most people use this service menu and codes for factory settings restoration on TVs. 

If you also want to factory settings reset the default to your Sony TVs you can press the (Eight and Zero) buttons on the remote control.  

So you can easily settings your Sony TV to factory settings reset to default with this service menu code.


The procedure and codes we have given you regarding the service menu, If this method does not work on some of the new Sony TV models then the method used for these new Sony TV models is as follows.

Method Work On New Models:

If the above method does not work on your TV, you can open the service menu on the new model of Sony TV using the following method and also easily default to factory settings.

Another special thing you have to take care of while applying these codes on your Sony television.

You have to apply these codes to your Sony TV in the same order in which these codes are written here so you can easily get them into the service menu will be able to access.

So in this method, first of all, you have to do is turn ON your TV first then press your Left button then the Right button Mute Center Button on the remote control press the Mute button, and last Press Button Menu Button on your Sony TV Remote control.

Now you can enter into the secret service menu on your sony television new models like android sony television, smart sony television, CRT, plasma, led, LCD, and all the latest sony television models.


If you want to enter the Sony TV's self-check menu you have to use the following method.

First the press Display- button then Five and then the Volume Down button Finally press the Power button with the remote control.

Applying these codes to your TV will give you access to the self-testing menu or mode on your Sony television.

Here you will be given full details about your Sony TV, how many hours it has been used and you will find important information about Sony TV in this menu.
This method works on all Sony TV models.


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