How To LG Smart TV Hard Reset Without A Remote Control

How to hard reset LG Smart LED TV and access the hidden service menu.

There are times when something goes wrong on your LG television only one thing is left to reset your television factory settings reset to default.

LG smart TV reset
LG TV Reset


Factory settings restoration fix all problems like personal data, browsers data, google account data save in the device, cache, and cookies stored in a device, tv locked, tv panel locked, parental controls and all files, and wiped all data on your LG TV except datastore on google account drive.


Keep in mind it does not benefit your television after factory settings reset you will lose all personal settings, files, login details, installed application, wifi password, and values, after reset you will need to er apply all info and settings on your LG television.

Take a picture or note down all settings and info before doing this if something changed you will apply noted settings on your LG smart tv.


Now following these steps use for LG smart television hard reset, apply all steps in sequence.

  1. First of all press, the HOME button using the LG TV remote control.
  2. On the home screen press the SETTINGS button on the remote.
  3. ( In case of settings button is not on the remote then locate the settings icon on the home screen).
  4. Click on the settings icon, the settings options will be displayed on your television screen.
  5. Goto all settings by the scroll down to the bottom and clicking on the 3 dots icon for the full settings menu.
  6. Now scroll down the options and locate General Option.
  7. On general settings scroll down and click on RESET INITIAL SETTINGS.
  8. Now highlight reset initial settings and press the OK or ENTER button on the remote control.
  9. Wait for sometime restore the process to completion.
  10. After your television reboot, you can configure your LG TV settings and values.

Now your television settings restore default done and your television turns on with fresh settings as if you buy a brand new television, settings up as per requirement, and install the application.


Perform hard factory settings reset without remote control on LG smart Television? Yes, an alternative method is available on our site how to open the service menu and hard factory settings reset on all LG TV and LCD and LG smart tv using panel keys and smart setting on your LG TV.

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