Input Source Menu Not Show On TV

Input Source Menu Not Show any Options On Television

Input source menu not working, input source menu not show on tv


Input source menu available on all TV LCD TV and Smart and Android Televisions.

Input menu use for switch between television modes like ATV, AV, PC, HDMI, and Media modes, etc.

Input source menu key available on TV keys panel and also available on remote control mostly name use as ( Input ).

Input source menu provides navigation to use easily change or switch between television different menu modes.


Input source menu not working or not showing or in some case blank input source menu show without any options.

It happened due to an accident or a combination of buttons pressed on your television remote control or a software issue.

In other cases seen after the television or LCD software update this problem occurred.

These all above-mentioned reasons hide the input source menu or sometimes hide some options and all options on the television input source menu.


Sometimes input source menu shows empty nothing options shown in this input source menu, blank input menu show on your television screen.


Input source menu not show or blank menu problem solution how to fix this problem easily at home.

We learn how to television input source menu not show and how to fix the input source menu.

Complete details step by step instructions and guide how to fix input source menu on television all types of companies and models.


This method applies to all types of television and television models such as Sony, Samsung, LG, TCL, Toshiba, Changhong, china, Japanese television, and all companies all types of television LCD TV, etc.

Normally input service menu is selectable and switches between television active options and connection these options. But when the Input source menu is not selectable or hidden now we fixed this issue in this article.


Following these codes and steps mentioned below if you have an active input source menu on your television and fixed hidden options problem. Use these all steps same sequence described below!

You can reset the input source menu with this simple method.


  • First of all, pick the television remote control
  • Now press the MENU button on the remote control
  • Now press service menu codes ( like 1147 )

( every television contain a different service menu code please CLICK HERE and find your television service menu codes)

  • Now Service Menu or Factory Menu Show On your television screen.
  • Go to down at last and search SOURCE SETTINGS
  • Select source settings and of all elements and options in this setting.
  • Now go to the back with the exit button on the remote control
  • Now press the INPUT button on your television remote control or television keys penal
  • Now Input source menu displays all options.


If your television is not fixed with this method your television has a software problem and fixed this problem update your television software.


Laptop or Personal Computer
VGA cable For Connect
Television Software File

Input Source Menu Fixed Software;

  • First, connect the cable into your television port in standby mode
  • The second cable connect with your PC or Laptop
  • Now the television show on your pc screen
  • Now select ISP port and choose software file
( get your tv software file online via the official website and save it device)
  • Now choose a file and Rank this file
  • When the file is installed press the power button on your television remote control
  • Television power on
  • Press the INPUT button on the remote control or television keys panel
  • Now input source menu problem fixed and all options and input source menu showing on your television screen


This is a very simple method, in this method you can perform factory settings restoration or hard factory settings reset on your television and fix input source menu problem.

Let's Do It,
  • First, pick television remote control
  • Press the menu button on the remote control
  • Then press service menu code or hidden secret service menu code 1147
  • ( All television service menu Codes available here)
  • Press service menu code on the remote control
  • Service menu or factory menu show
  • See shipping mode or factory reset or restore
  • Press the right arrow button on remote
  • Enter or OK button and wait
  • Wait few seconds
  • The tv will be automatically powered on after factory reset
  • Now fixed all problems on your television also input source menu not work or hidden


Perform factory settings restoration on your television please in mind all default settings and values note down or take a picture on your phone or camera.
In case something goes wrong you can reset the default settings you noted.

If Goes Wrong:

Don't worry plug out your television and leave for 5 to 6 hrs then the plugin and all settings restore the default.

Without Remote control Factory:

Without Remote control fix input source menu via television factory reset to default.

In some cases, the television remote control is missing does not have a remote control, and the television input source menu not working or hidden how to fix this problem and perform factory settings restoration without a  remote control.
  • Press and Vol up button
  • Press and hold Channel up button
  • Press and hold the  MENU button
  • These all above-mentioned buttons press and hold 30 to 40 seconds
  • In this simple way, you can restore television settings and fix the input source menu problem.


Factory Reset;

In the case without remote control factory settings restoration methods not working on your television please check out more methods that use for television factory settings reset.

Service Menu codes;

All television have a secret service menu code this code is used for television factory settings restoration all companies' television and all models have different codes.

All television service menu Codes are available here please check out.

Input Source Menu Not Show;

Input source menu not working on television we discussed all ways use for fixed input source menu.

Above mentioned all methods and steps used for television input source menu not show or options hidden.


These all above-mentioned methods use for television input source menu not working, these all method and steps we checked and apply on many times, these all methods are working.

In case you don't understand these steps or methods please contact us with your television complete Details like Brand, model number and describe the problem you face, as soon as possible we will provide a complete solution regarding your question and problem.

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