Coby LCD TV Hard Reset


Hello everyone, Today we learn how to factory settings to reset and access the service menu on Coby TV and LCD.

Coby TV Hard Reset
Coby TV Service Menu 


Coby Television world-famous electronic company now we discuss the service menu and how to open it, this feature allows factory settings, parents control, auto on/off control, and fixes all problems on television.


First, pick up the remote control and press the menu button then press the service menu code ( engineering mode code ) default is 1147 and 1947 for more codes click here and find your model SMC.

Now service menu window seems on the TV screen, enabling or disabling hotel mode and other features.

This menu is also used for tv factory restore in case this option not working then try the hard reset option.


Hard factory reset an alternative and end option using TV factory settings reset to default when service menu factory reset option also not factional, then we perform a hard factory reset on Coby television. 

Let's perform a hard factory Coby tv.

This process works on all models first of all unplug your television then press and hold the power button and vol up button.

While holding down the keys plugin power socket and wait for a little moment white notification screen show in front of you with Waring messages ' if you hard reset please hold power and vol up button ' ok for confirming.

Press enter button on the remote control if a remote control missing or broken then press the input button on the TV keys panel, now reset process starts it takes 1 to 2 minutes approximately.


In factory restore erase all data from your TV and all saved files, settings, personal information, and installed application permanently deleted and can not be recovered the only sync data recover.

Please note down all settings before hard reset or play with the service menu that sometimes goes wrong while performing a reset then an alternative option is available for resetting your television.


Finally, I say this procedure try on much time on many TV always been a positive response, please feel free to ask any questions contact us if you, not fix coby television.

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