How To Access Element TV Secret Service Mode


Element television service menu access and perform factory settings restore with smart settings and hard reset with panel keys complete procedure to fix all problems on your element TV and LCD.

Element TV Service Mode
Element TV Service Mode 


Hi everyone, I am Qamar today we discuss how to perform a factory restore through the service menu and without the service menu code.

First, we learn the service menu of this faction or option available on all television using this technique we fix many problems and enable or disable the options such as kids lock or parental control, hotel mode, and keys lock.


Now we access the service menu on the element TV, pick up the remote control press the menu/input/display button now setting menu show in front of you then press the service mode code ( all television brands have a service menu code if you don't know about your television code tap here and get your tv code ).

We normally use this code 1147, enter service menu codes, and a new window show on the tv screen with a lot of features.

In this menu, you can allow changing all internal settings and values like display or sound and television timer, auto on/off option security settings, personal settings, and configure all settings as per requirements.

Element TV Factory Settings:

Factory settings reset through smart setting, this process is available in the service menu as the name of factory reset press ok or enter button on the remote, a warning message shows on a television screen press ok keys for confirm after this restoration process starts it takes approximately one minute, reset complete massage show ( reset successfully) now television set up screen appears in front of you.

All settings will be as default values customized as per choice and all data deleted permanently not recoverable including personal information and installed applications except stored on a Google account.

Element TV Hard Reset:

Perform a hard reset, this is the last option used for getting fresh television as brand new, play with a hard reset on element tv in case the smart reset option is not available or not working. 

Let's start, first unplug then press the power keys and vol up button at the same time holding these buttons and plugin electric socket. 

A popup message is shown on the screen ( press and hold the power button if you continue to reset your tv) press and hold both keys for 20 seconds then the resting process working takes approximately two minutes. 
After some time a setup screen appears.

Hard restore erase all data on your device including all settings and tune channels and programs etc. 

Not be recovered, please note down all settings before the perform factory reset in the case output is not perfect then apply noted settings values on your television.


This procedure, I use on my element television and its works great I recommend it because this is very easy and simple for television configuration or setting, we hope this is the best method in this time for fixing problems on your element TV and LCD.

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