Videocon Television Factory Settings Reset And Open Service Menu

Videocon Television Factory Reset:

Factory settings reset on videocon TV and LCD through smart setting or service menu and with panel keys without a remote control.

Videocon Television Factory Settings Reset And Open Service Menu

Service Menu Introduction:

Hi everyone, today we learn videocon television factory reset and service menu features, how to open the service mode, and perform factory settings reset. 

These methods work on all videocon models, I am using these methods on my videocon television many times for fixing problems and configuring TV internal settings and values.

Videocon Television Service Menu:

First, we learn the service menu, this option allows to users change settings and configure programs and enable or disable internal settings for outstanding performance.

This option mostly user television engineers to settings up and factory settings restore.

How To Access Videocon TV Service Mode:

Let's open the service menu on the videocon LCD TV, pick up the remote press menu button ( if the menu button is not on your remote control the use these alternative > Display Key, Input Key ) normal setting menu in front of you then press service mode code ( every TV have a service code all model and brands codes different ) 1147 /0208 on remote, a new menu display on the tv screen with a lot of new options that called service menu.

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Factory Reset:

With Remote Control;

Now we perform factory settings reset with a service menu, scroll down and search factory reset option highlight this and press enter button on the remote control. The reset process starts it takes approximately 2 minutes.

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Factory Reset With TV Key Panel;

Perform factory settings with keys panel this is the last option used for fixed television problems and reset without a remote control. let's start, first power on videocon TV press power button + input button for 30 seconds, after few seconds a warning banner show for confirmation press ok button now restore process start and after 2 minutes startup screen appear in front of you.

Videocon Factory Reset/Service Mode Without Remote Control:

Sometimes remote control missing or broken in this case videocon television reset without a remote control.

Press and hold the power button and input button on the side of the television same as the above-mentioned method, warning banner confirms with menu button on the TV.


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