Best Universal TV Remote Apps For Smartphones Like ISO and Android

Considering that our smartphones are already capable of doing so much, you would think they are the perfect replacement for our Television Infrared remote control.

Every television, music player, DVD player, satellite receiver or media platform is different and not everyone can talk to our devices as easily as we hope. 

To complicate matters, every smartphone is different too. This means that depending on the hardware and streaming solution you are using, one app may suit your needs better than the other. For example, many remote TV apps can communicate with WiFi smart TVs from different manufacturers. 

But older sets don't have networking capabilities, meaning you'll need a phone with an Infrared blaster or you'll need a WiFi to infrared converter to do the trick. 

None of the Apple devices or the latest Samsung phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra are equipped with an infrared blaster, which complicates things a bit. It's also important to note that any TV or entertainment device you own, as long as it's been made in the last few years, will likely have its first party app on android Google Play or ISO App Store. 

This applies to almost all TV,LCD manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio, as well as devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and various set top boxes. The common television remote control application cover is designed to work with different types of different brands and companies devices.

Some are even capable of controlling various aspects of your home outside of the Television, such as air conditioning, lighting, and other Internet of Things devices. 

That said, if none of these work with your particular setup, it might be best to choose the secure option and check your device's companion app. That said, here are some of our favorite Television remote apps available for Android and iOS devices. 

Lean Universal Remote With Lean Remote you can control all your smart Televisions, connected devices and Infrared devices, as long as your phone has an infrared blaster and one of the most comprehensive Television device lists of any application.

Use it to control your Sony, Chromecast, Vivo Roku or Android Television, or to take control of your home theater, music player, projector, or even your AC. The app is sleek and easy to navigate and has recently been updated to have the latest features.

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