How To Unlock LED/LCD TV'S Key Lock Without A Remote Control

How to unlock your LCD TV, LED TV without remote control:

Unexpectedly in life, the remote control of the LED TV or LCD TV is missing or accidentally damaged. When the TV is locked, when the remote disappears, damage or breaks, things get worse. Television locks are required for privacy or age restrictions. 

To prevent a recurrence, be sure to store an extra remote in the home or office where the LED TV is located, so that if you need to remove the lock without the original LCD TV remote, you have an extra remote control is available, but if it does, some alternatives will help you solve this problem easily.

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You can see this message on the television when the buttons are locked ( Key Lock ) message appears when pressing the button or Key on the TV panel.

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  1. O don't know about my led tv and you trick also dont work in my led so can you please help me ??

  2. How do I unlock my tv key lock without using a remote please help me


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