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Unlock TV Without A Remote Control:

How to play and unlock your television, LCD TV, and LED without the remote control. Unexpectedly in life, the remote control of the TV or LCD TV is missing or accidentally damaged. 

When the television is locked, when the remote disappears, damage or breaks, things get worse. Television locks are required for privacy or age restrictions. 

To prevent a recurrence, be sure to store an extra remote in the home or office where the television or LCD TV is located, so that if you need to remove the lock without the original remote, you have an extra remote control is available, but if it does, some alternatives will help you solve this problem easily.

Unlock TV without remote
Unlock TV without a remote 

You can see this message on the television when the buttons are locked (Keys Locked) Key locked message appears when pressing the button or Key on the TV panel.

In today's article, we will show you how you can easily solve the problem of locks on television. We will tell you about the complete procedures they work on all types of TV models and LCD, Smart TV, and Android TV. Using these methods will unlock your TV.


Many people ask how the LED TV buttons can be unlocked without a remote. I lost my TV remote and since then I have not been able to get the remote control of this TV model but I have been running this TV with a side panel.

I locked the keys by mistake and tried many tricks to unlock them but without success, I could not change the channel or volume. 

The (key lock) appears on the TV screen whenever I press the Television side panel buttons. So how can you turn on your LED TV without a remote control?

Today we will talk in full detail about whether it is possible to unlock a TV without a remote, all TV models and brands have a function to lock the device.

In most cases, the lock is present randomly. It exists as a way to protect the technology from negligence, curiosity in electrical engineering, and the installation of a specific code on the remote control.

Sometimes parents have to resort to technology to limit their children's TV channels if this process cannot be controlled but what can happen if there is no remote control and without it, the TV will be locked.

Many TVs and LCDs around the world even have different methods for installing and unlocking a series of the same brand and models.

Newer TV and LED models have fewer functional buttons, making them more difficult to unlock without a remote control. We can turn on the TV or LCD TV without the remote but it is not possible to unlock it.

First of all, we know about the signs of TV blocking:

  • The TV screen is blue and a lock icon or key lock is written in the corner.
  • Another window opens to enter the PIN code on the display.
  • This includes the loss of TV channels and the TV not receiving the signal after pressing the button.
  • Turn off the TV twice again.

The main reason for the lock on the TV may be the pressing of a certain sequence of buttons on the remote control and often the result of software failure or both, but the real reason is known only to TV experts.

In many Television models, it is impossible to unlock without a remote. This is due to the absence of the necessary buttons on the TV Side keys panel. 

To solve this problem you may need to buy a new remote, which will be according to the exact modification of the TV.

The key to the remote is to first find these instructions and be well versed in unlocking the TV without the remote control. Channel synthesis is made possible by the menu key that is a must on every TV panel. 

That's enough to work on older TV brands and models. But new models of televisions can be difficult to recreate without a remote control.

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Methods use to unlock the key lock on TV without remote control:

Method 1

Turn on the TV first If you don't know the unlock code then you may need the original remote to unlock the TV then, of course, you have to buy a remote control then you can complete will be able to unlock. To unlock the TV, you have to hold down the input button for 30 seconds, then the television will be unlocked.

Method 2

First, watch the TV screen. If you see a blank screen with a red key at the bottom of the screen, press and hold the 'Function' and 'Menu' buttons at the same time for 30 seconds. This way the channel is unlocked. This is an option for those who want to lock the TV and at the same time want to lock it customly to watch a particular show or channel. Ignore All other channels will be locked and will be completely locked when the TV is turned off.

Method 3

TV resets are often factory reset to remove the lock. All channels on the Television are unlocked by entering the restore code. Some important universal codes are 0711, 6688, 114, 194, 1135, and 3308. Test each one This will reset the TV to the original factory settings. When you do this you will have to go through all the information and settings stored in the TV through the initial complete setup.

Method 4

You can take your television to a TV repair shop. There are some cases where only an experienced person will be able to access the wiring diagram for the television set. It also needs to be installed because the TV usually shuts off automatically when it is on and does not turn on.

Method 5

Unplug the TV completely in this method. Leave it in the closed position for ten minutes then plug in the Television and turn it on. This process can help to effectively restart the TV before the FPA lock is set up to release some energy from the unit and thus unlock. If the problem is not resolved, try again after resting on the television for 12 to 14 hours.

Method 6

In this method, press the "Power" or "ON" button on the TV back or side panel on the body of the TV for 30 seconds. This can free the TV from the lock. Be sure to try 4 to 5 times.

Method 7

The most commonly used method is to remove the batteries inside the TV and turn it off to rest for a few minutes. And then turn on the TV to see if the lock has been removed or not. If not, try this method again.

Method 8

To remove the TV FPA lock, first, unplug it completely and allow it to sit untouched for 30 minutes, and then plug in the TV and turn it on. This process helps to release some energy from the unit and restart the TV efficiently before the FPA lock is set and the television is unlocked.

Method 9

Press and hold the TV or LCD "Power and Input" button on the body panel of the TV for one minute to unlock the TV. This operation can free the TV from the lock.

Method 10

Television with handhelds when new. Some do have information on how to operate and unlock a television without a remote. Find the "Lock" or "Privacy" section in the manual and follow the instructions to fix the TV.

Method 11

If the TV was not accidentally locked by the remote control, then it is now necessary to flash the system, this way the television lock will also be removed.

Method 12

To reset the television, you can use some tactics to rearrange the lock on the TV without the remote and remove it easily. Press the power button for 20 seconds. Doing so will automatically restart the television. If the lock still does not end, plug in the TV and remove the battery from the back panel of the television and reconnect the plug and lower the battery before reconnecting. Be sure to wait less than five hours.

Method 13

If your TV is not unlocked by any means, buy a universal remote control. If the reset option for your television does not work, then you need a universal remote control. Universal remote often supports TV. It is also possible to unlock by entering the lock code using the universal remote.

See tutorial video.

Note and warning:

Specific codes need to be entered without a remote, so you have to use the buttons on the TV panel. Such information is often not remembered so you have to follow the instructions. And if the code doesn't work, call the technical support service number in your employer's manual. A technician can better help you fix a TV malfunction.



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