There will be a new remote with Apple TV

We've been hearing about the new generation television device for a long time, but we don't know which company will officially announce this product. 5 sites from Mac number have suggested that Apple is developing a new remote control device for Apple's LCD television. This confirms some rumors about Apple's Siri Remote Update.

There will be a new remote with Apple TV
There will be a new remote with Apple TV

Details about Apple Smart Television's new remote device are not yet known. However, nine to five Mac sources claim that the model was developed under the code name "C572", which is quite different from the current Siri Remote code name, which is internally known as "V567".

When Apple released the Apple LCD TV 4K in 2018, the white position around the Siri Remote's menu button changed slightly. This made it possible to call it the current model. However, since the new remote has a much higher internal model number than the current version, we think there will be more changes.

The Siri Remote has always been a controversial device among Apple Smart TV users. While some users like it, there are a lot of users who don't like it because it doesn't have physical navigation buttons or because it has a glass touchpad which makes it extremely crappy. Maybe Apple's new smart Television model could be the best opportunity to release a remote designed for Apple.

Last week, the MacFomers site found that Apple was talking about a "Siri Remote" now called the "Apple Television Remote" in the iOS 13.99 TV beta. This name used to be used in some places, but now it has become standard for all users. It also indicates an impending change in accessories.

On August 29, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on a new Apple television with a faster Apple chip and the "latest remote" that would work with the Find app. Bloomberg, on the other hand, echoed the news from new sources, saying that Apple's new Television will arrive near the latest remote with 21.

Earlier, nine 5 Macs had referenced a new model of Apple TV in the iOS 18 TV code. The code from the site also reveals that the next generation of Apple Smart Televisions will include a more powerful 'arm-based' processor 74e architecture with B23 or higher chip.

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