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Today we will tell you about the mobile phones that are important for YouTubers, for vlogging, video editing, 8k video shot, video editing, and exporting 4k Resolution.

Mobile for YouTube
Smartphones for YouTube channel 


The best smartphones for YouTubers and YouTube video creators, are you thinking of creating your own YouTube channel? 

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In this article, we will know about twenty mobile phones that can be used to easily run YouTube channels. They can make a very good quality video using their mobile phone, edit it very well and upload it fast.

Best video editing smartphone
Best Video editing smartphone 


The following are all the phones that are used to improve your YouTube channel. once you get into production, you have a new question in your wallet about professional cameras and equipment.

It's better not to pay big money for cameras when you can start recording vlogs with your smartphone camera. 

You can turn your smartphone into a streaming device or a vlogging camera and video editing device.

Some of the recently released advanced camera smartphones have features specifically designed for YouTube video streamers, vloggers, and YouTube video editors. 

Best Smartphones For Vlogging
YT Best Phone 


To help you find the best smartphones for vlogging, during our research, we identified the key features and capabilities to consider when it comes to vlogging specifically.

That's why we recommend that you look for a smartphone with a camera that can take beautiful, clear, and detailed photos and videos of high quality. 

The best smartphones for vlogging can record 4K and 8K video at speeds of up to 30/60/120 fps. Also note the long battery life, bright screens, and extra reliability, so you never have to worry about your phone breaking when you record on the go.

best smartphones for vlogging
Vlogging smartphones 


Smartphone camera quality is improving, professional mobile editing keeps evolving. Work on your smartphone or tablet with video editing apps for Android and iOS.

The best video editing apps allow you to edit the content on your mobile device.

This makes them ideal for YouTube professionals and users who want to edit quickly and easily on the go.

They are also easier and more convenient to use than editing video on a computer, making them a great choice for aspiring YouTube creators.

Video editing is one of the most difficult tasks a device can perform. Phones do not have the features or the ability to simulate computer use.

However, some smartphones do well at basic tasks. This is enough even for professional vloggers who need a little patience. These are the best smartphones for 4k video editing.

best video editing smartphone
Video Editing Smartphone 


There are many great smartphones for video vlogging on the market right now with a wide range of prices, but how do you choose the best?

YouTube channel mobile
Mobile for YT channel 

To help you make the right decision, we've taken a close look at the latest smartphones on the market and selected the best smartphones for YouTube creators and YouTubers.


1. Vivo S10 pro

2. Realme Race Pro 

3. Realme GT

4. Realme GT 2 

5. Realme GT 2 Pro 

6. Realme X7 Max 

7. Realme X7 Pro Ultra 

8. Redmi k40 pro 8/128

9. Xiaomi 12x

10. Moto Edge

11. LG Velvet

12. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 

13. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Plus 

14. Xiaomi mi 11T

15. Samsung M 52

16. Realme GT Master

17. Oppo Reno 6

18. Tecno Camon primer

19. Poco X3

20. Poco F3


1. Vivo X70 pro

2. Samsung S21

3. Xiaomi 11T pro

4. OnePlus Nord CE

5. Oppo Reno 7

6. Xiaomi 12 pro

7. Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

8. iPhone 13 plus

9. Nokia X20

10. Infinix Zero X


1. Realme GT

2. VIVO X60

3. VIVO V21

4. Samsung note 20

5. Samsung A71

6. Redmi note 10 pro

7. Poco X3 GT

8. Huawei mate 20 pro

9. Huawei Nova 8 pro

10. Poco F3

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