How To Fix LCD TV Common Malfunctions and Faults

Today television has become the need for every house and office. Some people can not even imagine life without TV. At this time many companies are making television in the world, and every day new models are coming. 

How To Fix All LED TV Common Malfunctions and Faults:

Days are growing in this sector and moving forward from TV, LCD, LCD, and Plasma, and now is the time of smart television. They are introducing many features that win every man's heart.

On the contrary, if they talk about television problems, they are also countless, because of these problems, humans have to be troubled.


In this article today, we will know about all kinds of TVs problem and how can they be fixed, you will tell you the full details. We have collected full details about all kinds of television, LCD TV, LED TV, and every TV model, and all about Television's problems/obstacles/troubles and how can we fix it.

This article has taken five years to write because we have helped everyone who knows about TV problems. We can say hope, all issues of television presented in this article are included in, whether any types of TVs. Perhaps, there is a model that could not be found.

The following are the problems and reasons why the TV does not work properly, Indeed TV problems are software or hardware.

LCD TV Faults
LED TV Problems Solutions


The latest Televisions and LCD TV are adding more features than ever before - these new features complicate both electronics and software to help your television run smoothly.

There are many types of LCD TV faults, some of the software and some of them hardware faults.

In the following, we will know the complete details about all kinds of LED and LCD TV faults and problems and provide complete guidance on how to fix them.


This could be due to poor power supply or incomplete software or firmware update.

To fix this problem it is recommended that you reset the television to factory defaults and then update or reset the installed firmware/software by visiting the manufacturer's website or updating the OTA on your device.

If you try, you will be able to fix this problem.


This could be due to poor lighting or a faulty board. In the case of faulty LED taillights, you can buy a relatively inexpensive LED controller, although usually if all the taillights are off, this indicates a different problem. If this is a problem with the T-Con board, keep reading below.

T-Con board malfunction: The failure of the T-Con board is indicated by the following symptoms.

  • 1. Lines on the screen.
  • 2. It looks like the TV is on.
  • 3. The sound on the TV is still working.
  • 4. The image is inverted or the colors are shown inverted.
  • 5. TV functions work in addition to screen, sound, channel change, etc.


Badly leaking capacitor, There are many problems with televisions, one of which is that turning the television on and off for a few seconds is usually related to the problem of capacitors on the power board.

If you're having trouble accidentally turning off your TV, or not turning it on at all, the best place to fix it is the power board.

First, take off the back of the TV, and look for the power board. This will be the board where the power cable coming from outside will be connected.

Be very careful when touching them, as current may still be present in the capacitors onboard.

Check all the capacitors carefully, they must be perfectly flat on top and no liquid should come out of them. If any of these are leaking or leaking, they will need to be replaced immediately.

To find fault in capacitors you will need a meter to check which capacitors have higher resistance. This is also important because some capacitors can malfunction without leaking or leaking.

If you know about capacitors you can change capacitors - keeping in mind that the scope for change must be the same.


Lots of people watch television with backlight problems. One of the reasons is that people and manufacturers like to run the television with 100% backlight. 

This is why it often causes LEDs to fail with LED Backlight TVs before the warranty period.


If there are any dark or black spots on the LCD screen, it is a sign that one or more of the LEDs on the backlight strips have gone bad, causing these spots to appear.

Or if you see a whole line on your screen looking darker than the rest, to repair it, you will first need to buy new strips. When you buy the strips, you have to open the TV back cover and carefully remove the LCD screen from the television set.

f you specialize in decoupling and re-soldering electronic components and necessary equipment, you can do this easily. The best advice is to get it fixed by a TV mechanic.

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If there are white or very bright spots on the LCD screen. 

 This indicates that one or more of the lenses attached to the LEDs in your TV set have either fallen out or they have moved out of place. 

To fix this problem, you can open the TV set and re-stick the lens with the LED. Keeping in mind that this is a very delicate process of queuing the lens, I would suggest that you buy replacement strips and replace the full strips as the new strips come with the pre-attached lenses.


There is no light on the screen. This problem depends on the type of television set. This can be the result of any hardship or difficulty. 

In general, the following reasons can be the cause. The capacitors on the television power board can sometimes fail and there are no visual signs. 

After verifying that the power board is working properly, the next thought will be to the LED strips, visual inspection to see the damaged LEDs may indicate where the problem is available at.

  • Use of faulty LEDs on backlight strips
  • Bad power supply board
  • No power supply is being sent to the LCD TV backlights
  • Defective LED driver board


This is one of the most common problems we face and unfortunately, the cost of changing the screen is very high, in almost all cases it is cheaper to buy a new kit which usually has all the latest features and software.

Broken screens are the most common problem and the most common cause is the device's power supply or board. If you manage to unlock the back of your device, take a look at the Power Issues page. 

This can often be the result of faulty capacitors on the power supply board.


It is very disturbing when we see someone's face moving but what you are hearing and seeing is inconsistent. 

It's like watching a movie or drama with a voiceover. We can solve this problem very easily, for that go to the audio settings of the TV and then adjust the audio delay or setting it to zero. This process will help you to get back in sync.


Weak signals may be one of the main reasons why a television picture is breaking or tearing in and out. 

To identify this, check all connections to the cable box or antenna to make sure no connection is broken. If all connections are OK and the TV image is still missing, you will need to contact the cable provider. And let him know your problem so he can help you fix it.

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There can be many reasons for distorted images but the most notable reason may be poor cable quality or TV circuit. 

Also, changing the brightness and contrast of the image can give better results.


You have smart features on TV to connect to the Internet through WiFi or an internet Line. Through this, we can streamline favorite movies, dramas, and programs directly on television. 

If the Internet connection is changed, this feature does not work often, check the router or data cable that is set up with the TV.

If an app is not working properly, uninstall this application and re-install it to solve this problem. If there is no work, try TV setting restore your problem will be fixed.


When TV shows blue, green, or black screens, it shows that our TV signal is failing to get. 

These reasons include input source and cable so make sure the TV is located on the correct input source.

If there is already the correct input source, the connection must be checked. An incredible cable or satellite misleading can be caused by it. The blue screen on the TV only looks when the signal is feeble or the signal does not match with the input source.


Oftentimes small children accidentally remote fall or the buttons are broken but the cause of TV settings is eliminated. 

But you do not know about it completely. To fix this problem, the fastest way can be to re-setting/reset factory settings. It can be different from all TV models and companies. On our website, you will easily find ways to settle all TV factory reset methods or you will have to see the manufacturer's website.

But generally, pressure from a special set of specific buttons and codes on the remote control.


Whether it's a satellite receiver or a cable, it works like a simple computer, and like a computer, it crashes.

To fix it, first, try to turn it off immediately and unplug it with electricity. Wait at least 30 to 40 seconds then turn it on again. This process will reboot the device. To avoid crashes, be sure to not cover the receiver's heat vent, as this is often due to overheating in the receiver.

So if you want to avoid this problem, cool the receiver with a fan and heat shrink used in a hot place for cooling.


This is more common on newer TVs than on older TVs. This means that the TV resolution setting is too high for the content we are receiving.

Some experts even recommend focusing on sharpness, as it can exacerbate any issues with the image source.


Let me tell you - there are two issues here. First, if your new 4K or 8k TV looks too bright, and colorful and the details look blurry, the store uses it in vivid mode.

You will need to switch it to normal, cinema, or movie mode. The second problem is that there must be HDMI 2.0 between the receiver and the television.

Due to these problems, the TV is unable to display high resolutions.


This problem may be caused by an error in the television image format or size. 

This includes image zoom, image size, and image aspect ratio. The best size is to keep it on-screen fit, the TV always shows only the video it receives from the receiver. When it comes to older models, you might want to set the video to a 4:3aspect ratio.

Otherwise, if you have a new model TV then it will be kept in a modern 16: 9 ratio. Newer televisions also have this feature and can be easily adjusted with the TV's remote control. We recommend that you keep the screen size to fit.

The remote control has a button called Display or Picture, which lets you easily adjust the TV to the setting of your choice.


TV turned on, press the (VOLUME-) key on the TV keys panel. Press the 7 number key on the TV remote control to reset the customer ID or PIN code.


This type of television malfunction is a very common problem and is very easy to fix.

To eliminate this problem, press the Home button on the remote and the TV menu screen appears. Adjust color, brightness, and contrast to this menu, or fix it in automatic mode. If you are unaware of this process then resetting/restoring the LCD TV can also fix this problem. 

TV screens often become dim or blurred, which can be due to the remote control pushing the buttons in a certain order. Turn on the TV again to see if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, turn off the TV and unplug the power cord for five minutes, and do not turn it on.

Reinstall the power cord after five to ten minutes and now turn on the TV to check the status of the TV.

If the screen gives a better display then your problem is solved. If the problem persists, please check that the television is connected to an internet connection, so that the software can be updated if it needs to be updated.

If the image on the screen is still blurred, you will need to take it to a TV repair specialist.


A very dark scene about a hero in a drama or movie will look like an extraordinary display on the screen in a white shadow form. Reducing the level of backlight will be able to fix this problem.

Go to settings and adjust the image settings using the menu. Adjust light sensor settings in your television setup menu according to your requirement.

In this problem, when the television display is seen, a low light scene is seen, due to the brightness of the lightweight, the scene does not show properly, due to which this problem is called an unusual display.


The television screen in this case is suddenly changing its color and changing gray screen. It is often when there is a movie or drama on television when watching television.

We want to tell you if they follow these steps, they will succeed in fixing this problem. The most convenient procedure is to reserve television settings and reset them.

Let's say more different modes and codes are used for different TV models and brands. And another reason for this is TV software if your TV's software has been old and this model has an SW update, even if the TV screen graves the color screen, it needs to be updated to software to fix this problem. 

To get the software, visit the TV-based company's website and update it by getting your model's software. Even if the problem is maintained, please contact the television hardware engineer.


TV is when the failure is not being turned on, and the result of the circuit or capacitor is being corrupted. If you are with this, you can be immediately served TV repair expert.

It can keep expensive repairs spent and more than the loss of television.

Another symbol of that, the turnover screen after the turn on the screen will be displayed after five to ten minutes.

The powered switch does not exist in some TV models, but you can estimate the loss of extraordinary sound. 

This model is necessary to repair TV from television experienced person.


In the case of this case, the power supply unit within the TV does not work properly. The unit of power supply is responsible for sending power to all the components of LCD TV, it is generated in the recovery and ahead of electricity.

If the power supply unit is suddenly increased or reduced in the quantity of the power supply, this problem will be displayed. Being this, the capacitor on the board fails to power off.

This set will be opened if the TV is set to open this edge and the leak or billing capacitor is changed.

These problems are more preferred in modern television and this repair work is very easy. Any TV specialist can be served that will change the bad capacitors.


The TV is not on but the light is blinking. This problem can often be caused by a fault in the connection. Self-diagnostic systems can diagnose this problem and TV service may be required.

But one solution is that there is no temporary problem with the power connection. Disconnect the Television wire from the power unit and wait five to ten minutes before reconnecting.

If there is a problem with the power transmission, it should be fixed as it may cause further malfunction.

So he should fix it, but if your television still doesn't work, get it checked up by a technical person.


If your television image flickers like a strobe light, let me tell you that the problem is with the TV bulb and LED Backlights.

In this case, the image looks like a candle flame because some of the lights have gone out. When it comes to fixing this issue, first check all the input devices connected to the TV. Maybe there is no problem with them, if all is well then the power supply can be checked.

To fix this, turn off the TV and disconnect the power plug. Hold down the power button on the TV for 20 seconds to complete the power cycle. Be sure to wait, ten to fifteen minutes before turning on the LCD TV.

If there is a temporary interruption in the TV, doing so will fix it. Even if these measures do not solve the problem, the bulbs and backlights inside the TV have gone bad. 

Because the TV light is about to go out, the first sign is that the light starts to flicker.

The solution would be to have the television checked by a professional.


If half the screen of the television changes color, turn off the TV first and check all input devices. Connect the TV to any media device i.e. DVD etc. If there is a temporary interruption, it will be fine to do so.

If this process is not helpful, then check the television settings. The image layout may be incorrect, please try to correct it.

If you are having trouble, you can reset the TV. Separate methods are used for the TV company and model - if either method does not work, one of them may have a problem, the T-Con is broken, the solder wire is broken, Or one of the connections inside the TV is damaged.

In this case, professional help is needed to protect the TV from further damage, and to fix the problem that persists.


Television public mode enables or disables the method first, press on the television key panel ( INPUT + VOLUME UP ) keys and turn on the electric power.

A password screen show in front of you.

Please Enter a password ( 0 2 7) You are entered in the ( PUBLIC MODE ) on television.


When it comes to the aspect ratio of the TV, the image becomes unnaturally long or compressed.

If this problem is to be fixed then it can be fixed by going to settings and restoring the original aspect ratio of the TV. This is often done with the help of a TV manual.

This is often due to the sharpness of the TV, and another reason is that if your TV is using some edge enhancement processing that is Unnecessary in high definition sets.

If these are the problems then you can go to the menu and fix them yourself by reducing the sharpness.

If you are having trouble fixing it, the other way is to reset the television so that all the settings will be fixed again. Also, consult a television professional who will guide you.


Turn on the TV or LCD then press ( DISPLAY + MUTE + VOLUME UP + HOME ) keys on the remote.

The TV will go into standby mode and require the power key to be pressed to display pictures.

Now you can return to ( NORMAL MODE )

Turn on the TV.

Press on the remote ( POWER key ) to turn the TV off.

Press the ( DISPLAY + MUTE + VOLUME - ) then press the POWER key.


Television forced factory reset without a remote control by the using of keys on the TV panel.

  • Unplug the TV from the AC outlet.
  • Press and hold the power key on your TV or LCD.
  • While holding the key, reconnect the AC power line.
  • Hold the key until the white light is turned on.
  • There will be a white light after 20 seconds.
  • Release the key when the white light comes on.

If the light does not turn white in 30 seconds, it begins at the first step.

Wait a few minutes for a factory reset.

Restart your Television twice.

If the TV does not turn on automatically, press the Backup key to turn the TV back on.

When the Welcome Setup screen appears, complete the setup.

If the settings do not appear, unplug the AC power line and then plug it in again.


Shows horizontal lines when the TV is on. This problem is caused by a lack of signal in the set-top box cable that is connected to the TV.

This problem does not appear if the set-top box is attached to an older television, since older TV sets required less input power to operate.

While modern TV, LCD, LED and smart TV sets require strong input signals.

To fix this problem, first look at all the wires carefully. If the TV was working before, it could be due to a wire.

If you have a new television, switching to HD/UHD set-top boxes will solve this problem. Because the HD/UHD set-top box has a high input, it works fine on newer models.


No audio problem with the TV, unplug the TV from the power source, then press and hold the power key on the TV key panel for 20 seconds.

After waiting two minutes, reconnect the TV to the power source and press the power key.

hen try a different sound from your TV through the speaker.  If the speakers are working, the TV internal speakers will not work.  Otherwise, the audio IC that drives the internal speakers is likely defective.

They are often found in these kits because they use cheap low-power amplifier ICs that get hot and fail.  A simple replacement for the audio IC is sufficient here.


Standby mode problem with the TV.  Standby means your TV is receiving power but not starting.  You will see that the indicator is on, but the TV will not start.

This problem is called the TV standby problem. This problem is also the most common TV, LCD, and LED problem that every TV user faces. A simple replacement for the power IC is sufficient here.

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This is the second most common problem with the TV panel.  This white screen problem can only be solved by professionals with extensive experience in TV LED repair.

We have a white screen problem due to a lack of panel voltage or PCB panel voltage.  Often, when your TV is on continuously for a long time, a sensitive timer will monitor the warm-up and stop working to provide power. 

Several types of panel voltages are available on the panel circuit board to create panel graphics.

But unfortunately, one of your trends is the problem with white screen LED TVs. To solve this problem, contact a TV professional or engineer.


TV freeze, this problem is most common on smart and 4K TV.  As you all know, this is the most common problem with smart LED, TV freeze problem is called the backlight problem, which occurs due to a software glitch.

To fix this common problem with smart TV freezing on startup, you need to reinstall or update the TV software.


The soap opera effect is a slowing down of movement. Different Television models and manufacturers may use slightly different terms, such as ( Samsung Auto Motion Plus ) and ( LG TruMotion ).

This soap opera effect occurs when your TV simulates a higher frame rate when the source is displayed at 24/30 frames per second by default. You may like this option with some content, such as sports broadcasts.

Enable or disable the soap opera effect just go to the TV's picture settings menu to turn it on or off.


The volume can be lowered or turned off, the headset may be in the headphone jack, or maybe a problem with the tv power supply.

Solutions: Turn up the volume on Television, switch off the mute function with the tv remote control or on the TV key panel.


Flat-screen TV uses a variety of technologies. First is important to find the source of the problem. Disconnect the power cord if the TV does not turn on or off, it is important not only to unplug the power cord but also to remove the plug from the TV.

Wait for 3 to 5 hours for the power to drain from the TV card, then reconnect the power cord. A Television that does not work may not be receiving enough power, make sure all cables are inserted in the correct position and securely fastened.

If the image is not straight, check the direction of the screen. Sources of strong magnetic fields can also change the orientation of the image. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings. 

Perform internal diagnostics on the Television, these internal diagnostics are usually found in the TV menu. It can be named differently depending on the TV's manufacturer.  

Author: M Sajjad Qamar

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