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Hello Friends, Welcome to btiwab. If the TV, LED, or LCD TV is experiencing any functional problem then you can fix it using the factory reset function.

All LED TV Factory Reset Codes and Methods:

This option restores television items to normal.  Factory reset removes all TV channel settings, installed applications, and configurations.

tv factory reset codes
Tv Factory Reset 


In today's article, we will tell you how to restore the factory setting of the television, and how to restore all TV, LED, and LCD TV factory settings.

Find out why the TV's factory setting is restored, if there is a problem with the TV, such as the image not appearing on the TV screen or the remote control not working, and many more. 

There are several reasons why TV has to be reset. When you have a problem with your TV, most of the time you just have to do a factory reset to fix it.

It is also possible that the company also includes several self-assessment tools in LCD TV that can help you identify and solve problems with signals, images, or sound.

We recommend that you try these tools before restoring the factory settings.  If these tools do not work, reset the factory settings.

LED TV factory reset
LED TV Factory Reset 


1. Unusual image, no picture, no sound for the TV channel.
2. USB device playback can not be played.
3. Freeze pixels or images.
4. No sound during videos or audio play.
5. Distorted sound, unwanted sound, and intermittent sound quality.
6. Audio and video are not compatible.
7. Loss or disappearance of TV channels.
8. Videos and photos are not displayed properly.
9. Panel keys not working or locked.
10. TV or LCD keys not working.
11. Image colors freeze.
12. TV does not turn off.
13. TV remote control does not respond.

TV restore Code
Tv Reset Code


The TV factory reset takes a few moments.  When you do not receive a notification on the TV screen that the process is complete, please wait until the TV is turned off.

Will go The TV set must be restarted after a factory reset using the remote control.


WARNING: The factory data reset process clears all custom TV settings and values, including parental lock, application, password, tuned channels, Login account, settings, and following, and your TV will return to its original state at the time of purchase.

1. Delete Google Account except for store on the drive
2. System and all Applications with data
3. All Downloaded Applications and videos
4. All tuned TV Channels
5. Wireless network settings and password
6. All passwords and pin
7. Parental control settings
8. Manual configuration
9. Google play store
10. Installed application

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Here are the complete ways to restart the factory setting of all LCD TVs.  I am a television mechanic, in this article I have shared my ten years of experience to guide you, friends, so that you can be guided, thanks.


First Method:

First of all, put the Samsung TV into standby mode, then press on the remote control ( INFO +MENU +MUTE+POWER ) service mode or factory settings menu displayed.

Second Method:

First of all, Samsung TV is off then press ( MUTE + 1 8 2 + POWER ) on the TV remote. Your Television will power on in factory setting mode.

Third Method:

First of all, the Samsung TV off then press ( SLEEP + P.STD + MUTE  ) on the TV remote control. Your Television will power on in factory setting mode/service mode.

Fourth Method:

First of all, Samsung TV off then presses ( P.STD + MENU + SLEEP + POWER  ) on the Samsung TV remote control. Your Television will power on in the factory setting menu.

1. Exit the Samsung LCD TV factory setting Menu with a power key.
2. VOLUME UP and DOWN key to select an item.
3. MENU to adjust press mute.
4. Save the settings and press ADD key.


Access all China LCD, TV, and LED TV factory settings menus and perform a factory reset.
The TV turns on, and press on the remote control ( MENU + 1147) service menu appears in front of you.

The select first option ( SHIPPING INTL) then press on the remote right ▶️ arrow key. China LCD TV factory settings reset done.


First Method:
TV Turn on and wait for the image shown on screen.
Press and hold (POWER ) on the TV panel key for 10 to 20 seconds, and the image will disappear.
But keep holding it until the Sharp TV logo on the front of the screen blinks.
After the light blinks, release the power key.
Then press ( POWER + VOLUME DOWN ) &  ( INPUT ) keys at the same time on the television keys panel.
Litter ( K ) will show on the television screen.
Press and hold the ( VOLUME DOWN ) - ( CHANNEL UP )  keys until the light turns on.
You are entering in ( SERVICE MENU/FACTORY MODE ) on sharp television.

Second Method:
Sharp TV factory reset, the TV turns off then press and hold ( VOLUME DOWN + INPUT ) now television power on. Enter in the factory reset menu and press the channel up or down keys. For the exit, factory setting menu press the power button on the remote or TV key panel.

hold ch- and vol- to enter the menu, use ch -+ and vol+- to adjust settings, press enter to select then unplug tv power or turn off the tv to exit.

Third Method:
Factory setting menu or service mode on sharp new television models, press ( MENU + 999222 ) factory settings menu should appear in front of you.

Fourth Method:
Open the factory setting menu on sharp television, the TV turns off, press and hold ( VOLUME UP + CHANNEL UP ) then plug the television into power. Your device comes up in the factory settings menu.


Access the factory menu on TCL television, First press the ( Home ) on the TV remote to open the main menu of the TCL TV.

Second, Press the ( Up ⬆️) key on the TV remote to select the (Settings Menu), then press the ( OK ) to enter the Settings menu.

Third, Press the ( Down ⬇️) key on the remote to select the (Device Settings ) menu, then press the ( OK ) key to enter the ( Device Settings ) menu.

Fourth, Press the (Down ⬇️ ) key on the remote to select the Reset menu, then press the (OK) button to enter the (Reset menu).

Fifth, Press the (Down ⬇️) key on the remote to select the (Factory Reset ) menu, then press the (OK) key to enter the (Factory Reset) main menu.

Sixth, Press the (Down ⬇️) key on the remote to select the (Clear All), then press the ( OK ) key to enter the Clear All menu.

Seventh, Enter the password 🔢 using the number key (1 2 3 4) on the TV remote.  After entering, press the (Down ⬇️ ) key on the remote to select the (OK ),  then press the ( OK) key to enter the (Factory Settings) menu.

Eighth, Press the (OK) key on the remote to restart the TV.

Ninth, When the reset is complete, the TCL TV will reboot automatically and you can follow the startup wizard to recreate various settings for your TCL Television.


Turn on the RCA TV then press and hold (MENU + POWER + VOLUME UP ) on the remote control or panel keys on the television. (P00 and V00) are displayed right and left of the TV screen.

Release the MENU button, and press the VOLUME UP button to set the (V00 to no). 

Press CHANNEL PLUS to select the setting you want to change. 

For adjustment please press the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN keys.


Television set to ON, First press the (MUTE) button on the remote control, then press and hold (MUTE) again while pressing (MENU) on the Television keys panel.

An (S) will appear on the screen to indicate that the Toshiba TV is in service mode/menu. 

To select the setting you want to change, press (CHANNEL UP) or (CHANNEL DOWN) Press (VOLUME UP), or (VOLUME DOWN) to adjust.

Power on the television, then press the (MUTE ) key on the TV remote three times and hold it a third time and press the (MENU) key on the TV panel.


When your television plugging in Power press the (MENU BUTTON), and the Factory setting menu will open.

Use volume and channel keys to adjust values as needed.


Sony Android TV Factory Reset:

Sony Television factory settings reset with remote control and smart settings.

Turn on the TV, then press the keys on the Sony TV remote control.
Select  ( Settings > Save and Reset > Select Factory Restore Option> select Erase All > Yes.

Sony TV Hard Factory Reset:

Sony Television hard factory reset without remote control ( perform a factory reset with keys panel button).

Unplug the power cord from the Sony TV, then press and hold ( POWER &  VOLUME -) Keys on the Sony TV key panel.

When holding both keys, reconnect the AC power cord, and hold the keys until the green light turns on, letting the keys turn on after the green light.

Sony TV Forced Factory Reset:

Sony Television forced factory reset without a remote control by using keys on the TV panel.

Unplug the TV from the AC outlet.
Press and hold the power key on your Sony TV.

While holding the key, reconnect the AC power line.

Hold the key until the white light is turned on.
There will be a white light after 20 seconds.
Release the key when the white light comes on.

If the light does not turn white in 30 seconds, it begins at the first step.
Wait a few minutes for a factory reset.
Restart Sony TV twice.

If the TV does not turn on automatically, press the Backup key to turn the TV back on.
When the Welcome Setup screen appears, complete the setup.

If the settings do not appear, unplug the AC power line and then plug it in again.


To perform a factory setting reset on the non-smart LCD TV, follow the steps below using your remote control.

If the television is a Universal board, then the non-smart LCD TV board factory settings reset function is opened with these codes.

1. Press ( Menu + 1147 )
2. Press ( Menu + 2580 )
3. Press ( Menu + 1947 )
4. Press ( Input + 2008 )

These steps must be followed to restore the factory setting of the Universal Non-Smart TV Board.

1. Start the LCD TV and get the remote.
2. Press the MENU key on the remote.
3. Now press 1147 in just 3 seconds.
4. After that, the service menu of your TV will open.
5. Select the first option SHIPPING.
6. Press the right arrow on the remote control.
7. Done


Factory setting menu on Telstra TV, first of all, Turn on your TV device.

Open Telstra TV ( MENU ) then select ( Settings > System > Advanced system setting > Select Factory reset ) Now Enter the four-digit pin code then press the OK button.


Resetting the TTV refreshes the device and erases all data as well as updates software or apps.

First of all, Turn on go to TV MENU then go to settings, Scroll down to system then go to Power now select System Restart.

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