How To Fix If The LCD TV Does Not Turn ON

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How To Fix the TV
TV Doesn't Power On 


All modern LCD/LED TVs have a known problem with non-working capacitors.  If your TV doesn't light up (turn on) or make repeated clicking noises, chances are you could save money by doing this simple repair yourself. 

This is a repair method that almost anyone can do, and this repair will work on any TV, LCD and LED TV.

You sit and are ready to watch your favorite program or show,  You turn on your Television and...  Nothing!

I'm not sure if you press the power key, try again, Nothing Again!  But you notice a clicking sound from your TV.

Full High definition LCDs are not cheap. Well, I'm sure many of you do not like the idea of ​​spending hundreds on TV repairs.

This repair is very easy and with just a few basic tools, you can turn on your LCD TV in a few minutes.

If your LCD or LED has been physically damaged in any way, dropped, or screen broke this repair is not for you.


First of all, we need this TV repair. You will need the following six basic items.

1. Adhesive weldings

2. Soldering iron

3. Screwdrivers

4. Pliers

5. Wire cutters

6. Capacitors

TV repair kit
TV Repair Tools 


These six tools aren't required, but they can make the process easier.

1. Magnetic screwdriver

2. Cordless Screwdriver

3. Desolating wick

4. Solder sucker

5. Flux Pen

6. Multimeter for testing


After disconnecting/unplugging everything from the Television, you must remove the TV stand.

If your LCD TV was wall-mounted, you need to remove the LED TV from the wall and remove the bracket on the back of the LED TV.

Always keep the LCD/LED TV upright.  Any force exerted at an atypical angle can damage the sensitive glass surface.


Remove all screws from the outer edge of the back case of the television.  There can be from ten to twenty such screws.

There will also be screws anywhere there are power or cable plugs.  You can often find one or two screws at the cable connection point.


After removing the back cover of the LCD TV, take a photo of the LCD TV.  This will help when assembling the TV.

Then specify (POWER BOARD), each TV is slightly different, but the supply board will have container-shaped capacitors and this is the board that will receive the main power from the plug first.

Remove all wiring from the TV board.  A simple pull-on clip of the clip should be enough to remove them.


Remove the screws that secure the TV power supply to the case.  Most boards have six screws that hold them in place.

TV circuit board
TV Repair


These capacitors are available in different colors and sizes but are easy to find on any power board.  This is not only the most likely cause of your problem but also the bad ones that are easy to find and replace.

How to fix TV
TV power on problem 

In most cases, you can visually detect faulty capacitors.  You do not need special electronic skills or testing skills.

When a capacitor fails, a chemical reaction in the capacitor can produce hydrogen gas.  That is why air ducts have been created at the top of the aluminum rings of the capacitors.

They break down and release the gas that has accumulated in the condenser, a failed capacitor may have a bulge at the top.

Another sign of a bad capacitor is a liquid leak, which may be an orange or brown discharge from the top or bottom of the capacitors.

Usually, when there is a capacitor leak, it also swells.  But the capacitor swelled but could not leak. The reason for your concern is that these capacitors are aluminum electrolytic capacitors.


Capacitors have polarity, this means that like a battery, they have positive and negative terminals.

Fix A TV
Fix TV's Problem

Before removing the capacitor, pay attention to which side the white band of the capacitor is facing.  You need to point the new capacitor in the same direction.

Once you have identified the faulty capacitors, turn the board over and carefully check the wiring of these capacitors.

Balancing the PCB on its side when using a hot soldering iron and pliers can be a bit difficult. Attach the tip of the soldering iron to a pin on the back of the board and hold it there until you see the solder melt. The capacitor can be pulled out after a little movement.

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Capacitors are suitable for their application and should be replaced with similar ones.  There are three recognition ratings  [ uF (microfarads) - Temperature - Voltage ].

TV turns ON problem
Television Repair

Install the capacitors and make sure the negative side is in the correct position.  If there is solder in the hole, simply apply the soldering iron until the solder melts and the capacitor goes in.

Place the soldering iron and soldering iron on the cord until the heat melts the solder.

After the solder has melted on the lead, place the iron on the lead and glue it several times so that the solder melts gently on the lead.

If you have welding flux, the solder will make a clean joint. Capacitors installed!  If there is flux or solder residue, simply wipe the area with a damp cloth. Connect the PCB to the screws. This solution works and worked for my LCD TV.

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