Introducing Samsung The Freestyle FHD Smart TV LED Projector - Samsung The Freestyle 2022

Samsung's new Freestyle Full HD projector is small, portable, and ideal for home or office use.


Samsung always brings something incredible and this year is no exception, and Samsung's new freestyle has been introduced.  

Freestyle is integrated with USB and mobile. Focuses on screens up to 100 inches in size and automatically clears images. With built-in sensors such as gyroscopes, it can automatically adjust the screen.

Freestyle also offers full HD 1080p picture quality, which is quite impressive for a projector of this size. Samsung Built-in provides powerful sound with 360 degrees sound. If we want to use the Samsung Freestyle on the go, we have a waterproof case and a portable battery.


Freestyle is a small projector designed specifically for the millennial generation. It could be your TV with a screen projection of up to 100 inches on almost any surface, but it's also a speaker, light, or a great projector for a star show.

You can also screw the freestyle into a standard light bulb socket to turn it on. Like a frame, which mimics art, or The Cerro, which transforms from landscape to portrait.

Freestyle is the latest in a long line of Samsung Home Entertainment products. You can use Samsung Freestyle as a standalone speaker. Its voice performs extremely well when it comes to sound, it has speakers for 360 voice quality. This projector weighs 1.83 kg. The Samsung Freestyle's autofocus and alignment functions are a great way to help you adjust your image automatically.


Freestyle comes with Samsung Smart TV technologies and all the customization capabilities. In addition, we can add lens caps to create an atmosphere while playing our favorite songs.

Moving the freestyle angle up or down will move the screen up and down the wall. Freestyle has the free ability to automatically adjust a rectangular or tilted image. Wall lines help adjust the freestyle screen automatically.

Samsung Freestyle is great in its resolution. Whether we are walking under the open sky or on a road, its high contrast beautiful graphics will look great. There may be a slight change in brightness depending on the light.

There is a facility to adjust the brightness and color settings of the projector directly on the screen of the phone for which an application called Smart Think will be used.

Samsung's free-style smart calibration system provides stunning images according to the color and lighting conditions of the wall after automatically analyzing the environment.

All Samsung Smart TV programs are available on the Samsung Freestyle Projector. Enjoy streaming videos or your favorite games.

Freestyle allows you to see practically everywhere. Some Smart television features will require an internet connection. Freestyle can be taken anywhere, which requires an external battery connected via a USB C type Port. Move the projector in any way. 

Freestyle automatically adjusts the image so that we do not have any difficulty viewing our favorite content. The freestyle projector is capable of displaying content in high-definition colors from 30 to 100 inches. Freestyle allows us to enjoy movies, songs, dramas in all kinds of places. The freestyle wafer system with 360 degrees of sounds radiation provides a wonderful sound that fills the room with deep bass.

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Freestyle projectors also have the option to control the sound to make it easier to use. Freestyle can be commanded to start or pause a song with a voice command or search for something on the Internet.

It would be very easy to say just one word and Samsung Freestyle's voice assistants did for us what we wanted. Samsung Freestyle controls long-distance voice, which also allows users to choose their favorite voice assistant when using the speakerphone.

Samsung Freestyle is taking further steps in the market with the new model.  

Let me tell you more, Samsung Freestyle is going to be one of the most popular mobile projectors of the year because of its amazing features.


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