How to fix LG TV most common problems - LG Smart TV troubleshooting guide

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LG TV Troubleshooting Guide
LG TV Most Common Problems

How To Fix LG LED TV Most Common Problems:


If your TV is in trouble, you have come to the right place. Here you will have to solve all the television problems. The LG TV is one of the most popular and reliable TVs available on the market.

Because of the popularity of this television brand, the chances of questions the less work. But like each electric device, with long-term use, you can observe the problems.

The most impressive LG TVs are the ability of this television brand to connect to the Internet, able to update the operating system with new features of the application.

Smart LG TV is probably one of the most popular television brand models in today's market, that offers a wide range of features and applications for users. There are many options for the flow of your favorite video, music, and movies.

If you have problems with television, try first to understand the errors before contacting the service.

Often, and can save your cost and help you avoid the disappointment of transition without your home entertainment.

Here is a complete troubleshooting article to solve common problems with LG TVs. This article is everywhere for different scenarios, where you can face a problem, along with its cause and solution, Common problems and solutions all LG television.



This is one of the most common problems with LG TV. In this case, you will notice that the television turns on and off by itself, and a pop-up alert with a green light flickers on the screen for a few seconds. It makes the environment restless.

This problem is more common and often occurs on LG television, which has been used for many days.

This problem is usually inflicted by the part of the LG TV system that is responsible for supplying power to the Television. 

When the television starts to have problems, it may suddenly stop working due to lower power consumption. One of the main reasons for the failure of this component is related to the failure of the capacitors on the boards.  

How To Fix: This can be seen by swelling or leaking of the condenser. This situation can not be corrected without the help of a qualified technician with excellent welding skills.


A major problem with the operation of LG TVs is that the Television cannot adjust some settings by itself, such as (Wi-Fi). Therefore, if you want to access the Internet via Wi-Fi, it may not work.

There may be a problem with the LG TV or television router. If you find that your TV cannot establish a connection, there is a possibility that the problem is with the router. To find the right reason, you will have to work a bit.

How To Fix: It is recommended to update the router software. If the update is not completed, you will need to set it up again.

Another thing you can do is get a (Wi-Fi extension) and see if your LG TV can connect to the Internet.

If the Wi-Fi signal strength is not a problem, you need to buy a new "Wi-Fi adapter" for your LG Smart TV.


This is another problem with LG TVs caused by blown fuses. Improper fuse operation will cause the device to produce sounds. The LG TV screen turns black and the television screen stops.

How To Fix: To fix this sound problem, you must first unplug your LG TV. Once you have done this, press and hold the power button on the TV for about five to ten seconds.

After a minute, try reconnecting the LG TV to the network. Press the power button again and check the volume level by connecting external speakers to the correct television ports.

If you notice that the external speakers are working properly, it means that the problem is with the internal speakers of the TV.

On the other hand, if the external speakers do not work, it means that the "IC audio" responsible for the internal speakers is not working properly.

In any case, you must replace the defective part with a new one.


Another common problem with LG TV is the appearance of horizontal lines starting at the top of the television screen and ending continuously at the bottom.

A device full of these lines is not only unattractive but also annoying. The cause of this problem is the low signal level that your LG television is receiving from the set-top box.

How To Fix: One of the best ways to solve this problem is to upgrade to a boxed cable such as a high-definition decoder with a higher input power for high-quality signals.


LG Smart TV users have noticed cases where some surging services like Netflix or Hulu were not working with their LG TVs.The first thing to do is to make sure your LG TV is connected to the internet.

Determining your TV is connected to your router and your network is working fine, make sure the streaming outlet works on other equipment like your smartphone.

How To Fix: For troubleshooting goals, let's take Netflix as an instance. If the app works on your other devices, consider restarting your LG TV as mentioned earlier.

You can also reset the router by turning it off, unclogging it, and plugging it back in within two minutes. Consider updating your LG TV and Netflix firmware.  

Ideally, you should be running the latest updates for a flawless experience.  They are not updated at the same time, so you should check for updates regularly.

The second thing to consider is uninstalling and reinstalling Netflix. There are times when files get corrupted, rendering the entire application useless.  By uninstalling and reinstalling, you can restore the application to its original working state.

To uninstall Netflix, press the Home or Start button on your remote to open the launcher. Go to the Netflix app and hover over the arrow until it appears.

Click the pointer and then select the X symbol, confirm the removal of the application by clicking OK.

To reinstall, open the download panel as in the uninstall process and then launch the LG Content Store.

Find the Application tab and open it. Browse Netflix and then click Install. The next thing to check is the location settings on your television.

Keep in mind that Netflix has content designed for different locations. You need to set it up in your country to solve this problem. 

To change location:  Press the Home or Start button and open the launcher. Click the SETTINGS button in the top right corner and go to ALL SETTINGS. Open GENERAL, then navigate to the desired location. Select your country and it will solve everything.

If restoring your location settings still doesn't work, you can do a factory reset as a last resort.

LG TV factory reset should be your last resort as it affects setting it up, reinstalling apps, and reconnecting all your credentials from scratch.

To reset the settings to factory defaults, open the launcher and open the Settings menu. Go to (General) and then click restore original settings.

We will be prompted to enter a PIN or passcode, depending on the LG TV model, you will be given instructions on how to continue.

Once the reset is complete you will need to reconfigure your LG account and apps.


You may encounter some unrealistic monochrome streaks in the screen image.  This problem is called false subtraction.

Unfortunately, LG has not yet resolved these issues that have been reported by many users.

How To Fix: You can understand this problem in advance before you buy a new LG television.

If possible, when buying a TV, it is a good idea to test the device you plan to take home to check for TV screen crises.


Problems with HDMI ports are particularly annoying for LG OLED TVs, especially for the X and 9 series. Fortunately, there is a firmware update to fix this.

This issue is particularly unusual as LG assists its gaming experience on OLED TVs, as it has a high 48 Gbps bandwidth with HDMI support in the 9 series and 40 Gbps HDMI support in the X 2020 series.

There are two issues you may face when it comes to HDMI 2.1 on LG OLED TVs. First of all, you only have a black screen when you combine a variable refresh rate of Nvidia G-Sync at 120 Hz.  This problem arises at any depth or bit resolution.

The second problem is more common in the X series and reduces the output signals in RGB / 120Hz / 4: 4: 4 color sampling to 4: 2: 2.  The problem occurs even with G-Sync off and regardless of the outcome resolution, as the image quality deteriorates significantly.

How To Fix: Some people believe that the problem may be with the Nvidia graphics card or that the HDMI cables in use are not officially 2.1 authorized.

Others also wonder if the second issue is related to the lower bandwidth of the X series, but it turns out that this is also the case with 8 and 10-bit sources.

To resolve this issue, LG released an LG TV firmware update in September 2020. You can access the firmware update by going to the (Settings) menu in the upper corner of the main screen, then go to (All Settings), and select (General).

From here, you can scroll down to the (About this TV) section and then find the (Check for updates) option.

Download and install the update, and then restart your LG TV for the firmware to take effect.


LG TV color problems usually start when the TV is turned off and then a popping sound is listened to.

After that, you will notice some differences in the color consistency.

Unfortunately, this occurs when the LG TV is overused and often has its roots in your TV power supply.

How To Fix: The capacitor on the TV is often to blame.  If so, all you have to do is take the TV to an accepted LG service center and replace the television deteriorated parts.

Be sure to ask for a repair warranty, if any.


A common problem reported by LG TV users is that their magic remote control does not work properly. If you have difficulties with remote control, here are some techniques to fix them.

How To Fix: First, make sure the batteries in the LG TV remote control are working properly and have not run out yet.

Also try attaching the remote to a different power source, such as a USB or AC adapter.

If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, try using them to see if the TV remote control is out of stock.

If you have reviewed the batteries and the power supply and you are sure that both are working properly, there may be a problem with your remote control, so you should probably contact LG Customer Service for assistance.


There are various reasons why the LG Smart TV remote control may not work properly. Here are some ways to fix it.

How To Fix: First, you need to check if the LG Smart TV remote control batteries are depleted.

If you need to replace the batteries in the LG Smart TV remote control, make sure that you are using AAA rechargeable batteries and not alkaline batteries, as this will devalue battery operation and corrode the LG remote control contacts.

Also, be sure to place the batteries with the positive side "+" facing up and the negative side facing down.

If you have already tried to replace the batteries in your LG remote control with new ones but it still does not work, the LG Smart TV remote control may need service.


If your LG TV's Wi-Fi connection is turned off, it will not be able to connect to the Internet or download applications. If your LG Smart TV Wi-Fi is off, here are some steps you can take to restore your LG Smart TV Wi-Fi connection.

How To Fix: The first step is to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG Smart TV. You can do this by going to the "Network" menu in the LG Smart TV settings, then clicking on "Network Settings" and activating the wireless connection.

Next, you need to make sure that your LG Smart TV can detect the Wi-Fi connection correctly so that it can connect.

You can do this by checking if there is another network besides your home network. If you have tested both steps but the LG Smart TV Wi-Fi is still off, this could be a probable cause.


If you're having a problem connecting to Netflix on your LG Smart TV, here's what you can do. 

How To Fix: Please clear your browser cache and cookies. You can also use different browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome to run Netflix on your LG smart TV, If you're still having problems with the Netflix app after clearing your browser cache and cookies, you may need to contact support for help.

If you're having trouble playing YouTube videos on your LG smart TV, it's because your device's video playback settings are preventing certain types of videos from playing on your device.


When your LG Smart TV says Wi-Fi is turned off, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

How To Fix: The first thing to do is to make sure that the internet cable is properly connected to your LG smart TV.

If you have already checked that it is properly connected to your LG 4K smart TV and that the cables are working properly, you may need a reasonable internet connection.

You can do this by restarting your LG smart TV and testing if it can then detect the Wi-Fi network.

If it still doesn't work, you should contact customer support for help as you may need a good internet connection.


If your LG Smart TV cannot connect to the Internet, there are several ways to solve this problem easily.

How To Fix: The first thing to check is whether your TV is properly connected to the Internet.

You can do this by checking whether the cables between the LG TV and the modem are working properly.

If you have already checked that they are properly connected, you may need to reconnect to the internet.

This can be done by restarting your LG TV and checking again if it can detect the Wi-Fi network as it can detect the valid internet connection after that.


There are times when your LG Smart TV screen starts to flicker and you have no idea why this is going on. Here's what you can do to fix this problem.

How To Fix: The first thing to do is reset your LG smart TV, If that doesn't work, try setting it up again by unplugging the power cord from your LG Smart TV and waiting at least an hour before plugging it back in.

Make sure to check if it is back to normal display settings after doing this.


If your LG Smart TV is running slowly, it could be due to a slow internet connection at home or the cache of the device.

You should check and delete your device's cache settings if you don't want to experience this problem again.

How To Fix: If you've done this and it's still operating slowly, the problem may be with the processor.

In this case, you should contact customer service for assistance as they may need to submit frequently asked questions about LG TV.

Furthermore the common issue with LG smart TVs, there are also frequently asked questions about what users are constantly asking on the internet.


There are two probable reasons why you are having this problem with your LG Smart TV, the screen has got to be repaired or calibrated.

How To Fix: If this is the first case, you will need to send the TV for service and if this is the second case, you can do so by going to the settings menu and calibrating it accordingly.

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Maintaining your LG smart TVs up to date is one of the best practices you can have to get the best quality video, images, or applications from your LG device.

How To Fix: If you want to update your LG Smart TV, you can update your LG TV from the menu settings by going to All Settings> System> Software Update> then selecting Update Now.


If you have problems with your LG Smart TV, you can reset it to factory settings.  However, this will also delete everything stored on your LG TV, so make sure you make the necessary backups before doing so. 

How To Fix: To reset your LG Smart TV to factory settings, follow these steps.

First, go to your LG Smart TV settings and scroll down to "System"> "Factory Reset / Format".

After that, you will be asked if you want to format or cancel, then select the second option - Format, and then confirm again that you want to reset your Smart TV.

Then wait for your television to restart and you will see the initial installation start on it.  

You can now configure your new TV as before or add a new user depending on what is shown on the screen.


If you've created an account on your LG smart TV and ever want to delete it, follow these steps.

How To Fix: Go to your LG Smart TV settings and select Network> [your network]> [Settings / Advanced]> Account Management. 

There you will be able to find the account that is presently running on television and delete it by clicking on Delete Account.


Clearing the cache on an LG Smart TV is considered one of the most important maintenance activities for its longevity.

LG TVs often acquire a significant amount of cache in storage, as it stores excessive data that can affect the performance of your television, and if you want to delete these saved files on your device, here are some steps you can take to begin the process.

How To Fix: First, go to the Start menu by double-clicking the Start button. Then click on your TV settings and go to All Settings> General> Smart Features> Special Settings

After that, you will see many options like "Track Tracking", "Clear History" and "Restore All".  Just click "Traffic Monitor" and then click "Remove Items" to remove these files from your LG Smart TV.


Here are some LG TV popular problems, with this knowledge you can get an idea of ​​the cause of the problem.

While some problems are minor and can be resolved on your own, for all complex issues, getting help from a competent repair person is the way to go.

While there are many problems with LG smart TVs, they are among the most reliable, solid, and long-lasting smart TVs on the demand today. They offer users the best importance for money and come in several screen sizes at various prices.

Always take care of your device by turning it off when not in use, preventing vibration, shock, etc. Also, make sure to update your appliance whenever an update is available. If you follow these easy steps, you can expect your LG smart TV to last up to 20 years without any issues.

However, if your device has been properly sustained and performed all necessary updates and it still doesn't work properly or stops working properly, don't hesitate to fix it. Thanks


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