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Fast and responsive blogger template Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0

Fast blogger template free
Blogger Template 


Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0

A New Generation Best Blogger Premium Template Fully Customized SEO and AdSense Friendly. Web dev Audit Passed Accessibility High Score, High Performance, Best Practices High Score, and Full SCO Score.

Fixed First Contentful Paint problem and Also Fixed Time To Interactive Problem, Speed Indexing passed and Total blocking time fixed in this premium Blogger Template.

Render block resource problem solved no need to customize any more fully responsive for all devices like web, tablet, smartphone, ios, and android all browsers supported.

Urbanmag Ads are fully designed and 15 colors layout available and also 15 colors body and background. Fonts styles do not change but font colors and size customize options available.

Top navigation gadget and top social button with many styles gadgets customize as your choice. The header section is below top navigation and customizable.

Header AdSense ads place-specific gadget section and mobile logo Gadget are also available in Urbanmag Ads Free Premium Blogger Template.

Drop Down Main Menu full styles and colors change option and sub-menu and sub menu features available with the customizable option.

Support all language and font easy screen reader features.

Hot Post gadget full wide and add custom Gadget section. AdSense Ready gadget center in the hot post and main body.

The main body for recent post 25 post limits on front page and ads between post. Full response with AdSense and add AdSense gadgets where you want.

3 styles side menu with show add element yes and social plugin in the sidebar.

AdSense places gadgets ready.

Add custom gadgets option on all elements.

Styles Footer section with customizable features and 3 sub footer also allow more gadgets.

Lowers Footer section customized for pages and auto detective attribution automatic blog header text.

Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 Premium Template:

Full Response all types of devices and browsers like google chrome, firefox, default browser, Windows browsers, UC browser, Vivo browser, iso devices, Windows devices, android devices, linex devices, and all others.

This template specially modified AdSense approval 100 percent ads friendly and AdSense gadgets place every gadget.

Fully server response and supporting all types of media files and images.193 Languages Supported and text colors issues fixed. News or custom text tickers supported sliding text animation on the top and bottom space-specific area.

Premium Blogger template fr
Blogger Template 


Full customized blogger template 

Full response blogger premium template

100% Ads ready AdSense friendly

AdSense approved template

All languages supported

Modern and clean design 

SEO optimized template

95% fully customizable

Home - About - Contact us Pages

Customizable via CSS

Flexible layout

Awesome and Unique Locking

Clean and Well Documented 

Feedback and contact form

New advance SCO

Button pin on images

YouTube thumbnail auto redesigned

Thumbnail fully responsive

Auto author profile with images

Error 404 page available

Recent post and Featured post styles gadgets

Support all major browser

Power Full admin panel and professional admin layout

Google test tools validation

Fully Mobile-friendly template

Very fast loading speed

Search page inside tested

Social media sharing

Whatsapp sharing feature

Menu and the drop-down menu

HTML 5 And CSS 4

Mega Menu with sub and sub sub menu

Adv Comment System gadget

How to install Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 premium blogger template:

1. First click the Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 Below

2. Click and save your device

3. Unzip Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 file and see XML 

4. Open Blogger dashboard

5. Click on the theme

6. Click on Restore 

7. Upload your template

8. Chose the XML file where you save unzipped file

9. Select this XML file and upload

10. When the uploading is complete a notification massage show button on your device, your change has been saved.

11. Now Click on view Blog and look at your blogger view.

12. After uploading your template you may customize the template look according to your choice and change in gadgets.

Download Premium Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 


Preview Premium Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 


Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 is a fully responsive and customizable premium blogger template, supporting multiple domains, and response all browsers, fully customizable, and Advance SEO.

Urbanmag Ads V 9.2.0 completable with wide-angle ads format and pop up ads and full ads response best and clean looking layout.

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