How to Earn money online or Online Business in 2022 all best ways

Hi, Friends How Are You, This is a special article for those males or females who start to earn money online or start an online business in 2022, we discuss all the best ways in the new year to earn online method!

Earn money online
Earn money online

The top of the list Method is Blogger:

Start Blog In 2022 best way is, Sign Up and make a free website or blog website now write articles your own and unique, apply responsive template then monetize your blog website with Google AdSense or other ads networks, and display ads on your blog website, and start to earn money online.

Earn with blogger

2nd Best Way Is Youtube:

Start Your Online Business Career with Youtube Partner Program and start earning money online Today.

Sign up with an email id on youtube and create a new channel on YouTube with a Custom name and verify channel.

Now make the video in many categories like vlogging, technology, news, cooking, fashion, roasting, entertainment, drama, movie, film, etc...

Make your video and upload it on your YouTube channel and wait for the completion of 4k hrs of watch time and 1k subscribers.

When you complete this requirement and apply for your channel for monetization with AdSense and display sponsor ads on your videos and this way you earn money online in 2022.

How To earn online

3rd Best way is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is best in 2022 just joined Affiliate Programs like Amazon, AliExpress Daraz, etc.

Join Program and Place There's Products Link In Websites and Social Media Platform any one Purchase Product Online and company paid your share in your account as per policy, Normally company paid 5 to 20 percent. In this way, you can earn money online in 2022.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing 

4th Best Way Is Facebook:

Facebook is the largest entertainment platform after youtube now you can earn money with Facebook.

Sign up on Facebook and create a Facebook page with a custom name share your Videos and pictures on your Facebook page monetize your FB page display ads on your FB page and start earning money online in 2022.

Earn online from Facebook

5th Best Way Is Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is a Video platform where people search for videos for education and entertainment purposes like Youtube.

Join the Dailymotion partner program and share your video on the Dailymotion channel.

Dailymotion partner program policy is normal just join and upload videos monetize on the first day and Earn money online in 2022.

How to earn money

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