How To TV Hard Reset Without A Remote - Force Reset

How to open the factory settings menu on tv, and hard reset without a remote control. 

We also know optimal picture settings for Television manufacturing companies as per customers' requirements.

TV hard reset
TV Hard Reset 

All LED TV Hard Reset Without A Remote Control:


How to open the factory settings menu on the TV, LCD, and Smart TV. In this article, we discuss the factory settings menu and perform a hard reset without a remote control.

It works on every model and brand the factory can also set up and fix all problems. For hard factory reset on TV and LCD TV. 

Hard reset can be used for many reasons like TV key lock issues, parental control lock issues, screen mirroring, sound quality improvement and source menu or input source not working, and many other issues are fixed on the TV.


  • First press on your TV remote control MENU and then press SERVICE MENU code (universal code 1147) enter within 3 seconds Fast.
  • Now Service Menu Interface shows on the TV screen.
  • Now select SHIPPING Mode.
  • For Keys unlock and factory reset on LCD TV.
  • Press (ok/ enter) button on the remote control
  • wait for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • TV will be powered on automatically.
  • Now LCD TV on after factory restore, all problem fixed.
  • Alternative code if first not working (INPUT 2588).
  • Use the first code if you do not work, This is another TV settings service code.


Do hard factory reset or force factory reset with remote and without a remote. We will discuss these two methods first without remote control and second with remote control and service menu codes.


  • First, unplug the LCD TV and wait 20 minutes.
  • After this process, plug it back in after a few minutes and press and hold the POWER BUTTON - VOLUME UP BUTTON - CHANNEL UP BUTTON at the same time and wait for a few seconds.
  • After a while, the TV turns on.
  • Auto and enabled LCD TV after hard reset from default.


Now if you want to factory reset LCD TVs and LED TVs. Now your makes and model service menu code requirements for factory reset search all TV and LCD service menu codes available on this site and see your TV code to enter the service menu.

  • Press MENU on the remote control, and display the TV menu on the screen.
  • Now press the service menu code of your model by pressing the buttons on the remote control.
  • After this process, show and view the Factory Reset / Shipping INTL / Shipping Mode Option service menu, select with remote control, and press Ok / Enter to process this method is commonly used for all kinds of TVs for a hard reset.
  • This method works in conjunction with service menu codes used worldwide for all commercial and LCD TVs.

   (1147) (1947) (2008) (123) (0000)

   (7777) (1234) (0123) (8002) (0011)

Note:- You can try these codes if you don't know your make or model code.


Your TV has many functions/features and improves the picture you see on your TV and LCD screen. Adjusting the TV's picture settings will give you the correct and best picture results.

Most companies' TV settings are optimized for commercial and public use, and this TV will display the best POP-up color and picture quality.


A very important and common TV setting, used for all existing TVs as well as LCD, LED, Smart TV and Android TV, and LCD for all TV companies.

Mostly adjusted percentages, but some TV brand specs to scale.

The current value is from 1 to 100 and the scale value is from 0 to 20.

Fifty percent 50% equals a scale of 10

(Percentage 1 × 5) = Scale


These settings are only supported for cinema or cinema mode in the picture quality settings.


Sharpness value = set to 0 percent.

If the image quality is blurry at 0% sharpness, try 50%.

Brightness 🔅 Value = set to 50 percent.

If the image quality is darker at 50% brightness, try 70%.

Contrast value = set to 100 percent.

If the image quality is faded at 100% contrast, try 50% or 60%.

Color value = set to 50 percent.

If the image quality isn't impressive with 50% color, try 65%.

G/R tint value = set to 50 percent.

If the image quality is 50%, try 70%.

Hur value = set from 0 to 10 percent.

If the image quality is bad at 0%, then it tries 50%.

Gamma value = Total 2.2 or 1.8 or 2.9


First, disable all sorts of image processing barriers that claim to improve image quality.

These Game Only or PC Picture Mode settings are not supported in Picture mode. These settings are for Samsung - LG - Sony TV and LCD.


    Black Scale Value - Set As - Disable

    Dynamic Value - Set - Off

    Tuna meat price - set as - 10

    Gamma value - set as - 10

    Traffic light - turn s - off.

    Digital Display C - Installed - Off

    S.LED - set as - Off.

    Resolution S - Set to -Off.

    Dynamic Color - Installed - Off.

    👁️ Eye Care - Set - Off.

    True cinema value - set to - Off

    Red noise - disabled.

    Smooth G - Installed - Off

    Cine M value - set to -Off

    Live Color Value - Set - On.

    EDGE - set as - On.

The above settings and values ​​are for preset picture quality for Samsung, Sony, LG TVs, and LCD TVs.

Author: MS Qamar 

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