How to unlock Smart LCD TV without remote control

Hi friends, In today's article we will learn how to unlock an android or smart LED TV if there is no remote control or it is broken.

How To Unlock Smart Led Tv Without A Remote:

TV technology has developed a lot in today's modern times, and it is difficult to run a TV without a remote control.

Smart TV Unlock
Unlock TV Without Remote 

If the talking about an Android TV, it is unlikely to run without remote control, because there is no button or key panel in this TV.

It only has a power button, and its remote control is separate from other televisions.  It connects to the TV via WiFi or Bluetooth, while others work on remote IR technology.

In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide on how to unlock and operate the TV without any kind of remote control.


Front panel access (FPA) locks are designed to prevent children from installing the TV without a remote control.  Applying these locks can prevent a child from accessing inappropriate content if no adult is configured to watch it.

However, its use is beyond the reach of the common man. This is especially true when you can't find your TV remote.

Often this is the only tool that can open the lock.  Anxious users without a remote control should try resetting the TV to stop the annoyance.


Turn on your television without the remote, In life, simple but unexpected events happen, such as the loss or accidental breakdown of a LED TV remote control.

This can make matters worse when the television is locked and when the remote is missing or broken.

Locks are placed on television for privacy or age-restricted viewers. To avoid a recurrence of this incident, set up an additional remote store in the home or business where the LCD TV is located.

Without the original remote control, some alternatives are available to remove the panel key lock, using which you can unlock the TV.

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1. How to open a locked TV screen?

2. How to operate a TV without a remote control?

3. How to reset smart TV without a remote?

4. How to an LCD TV work without a remote?

5. How to fix the TV panel key lock?

How to unlock a key lock without remote control - How to remove a TV lock at home?


It is very common for TV buttons to be locked, these problems are more common in Chinese TV than in other brands of TVs.

There are many methods used to solve this problem, often due to a malfunction of the button panel, in which case the button panel needs to be replaced.  And often they get locked out because of a software glitch or a push of a button.

If this is a problem with your TV, try the following methods to help you fix it.

These methods help 95% of people. We hope that reading this article will solve your problem.

Method No 1:

Please read the manual, all LCD TV is mandatory for newcomers.  Some contain information on how to operate a television without a remote.

Find the "Lock" or "Privacy" section in the TV manual.  Follow the instructions if applicable.

By following these instructions, you can turn on the LED TV without remote control and unlock it.

If you have not been guided this way, use the method below.

Method No 2:

Restore the television. All kinds of LCD or smart TV problems are cured through the reset. You can reset the lock on some televisions without the remote and even remove it using a few tricks.

Hold down the power button for 10 seconds.  The television will restart automatically.

If the lock is still on, unplug the television and remove the battery from the back panel of the television, if any.

Wait several hours before reconnecting the plug and reconnecting the battery.

This method is the most used in the world, we hope it will be helpful for you, if this method does not work then use the method below.

Method No 3:

Buy Universal Remote Control,  If the manual or reset option doesn't work for your television, you need to buy a universal remote control.

You can get one of these at any television store or online.

The universal remote supports most televisions.

The Universal remote manual is included in the purchase and will instruct you to install it on the television.

After installation, enter the new lock code using Universal Remote.

This method fixes 90% of LCD TV problems, but it does not work on Plasma TV.

This method can work on TVs with IR technology.

This remote does not work on Android TV, if you have Android operating system TV then you can download the remote control application.

Method No 4:

If all three of the above methods do not work, try this method.

Turn on the TV, then press the INPUT and MENU buttons together, until your TV is turned off and on again.

This method allows the television to restore and even if the LED or LCD TV buttons do not work or are locked, this method is still useful. 

More methods are listed below if none of the methods have worked for you yet.

Method No 5:

Turn off the smart TV completely.

Let it sit untouched for 30 minutes.

Plug in your smart television and turn it on.

This action can help divert some of the power from the device by actually rebooting the television before the FPA lock is set.

Extend the battery life from 30 minutes to overnight if step 1 fails.

Press and hold the "Power" or "On" button on the TV housing for 20 to 30 seconds.

This can unlock the smart TV key panel.

Remove any batteries in the Television.

Turn it off and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes.

Replace the batteries and turn on your TV to see if the (FPA) lock is released.


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