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How do we unlock a television key without a remote?  We can rearrange and remove the lock on the television without the remote.  All the methods included in this article will help you to unlock your TV.

TV unlock without remote
TV Unlock Without Remote 

How To Unlock TV Key Lock Without A Remote Control:

The most commonly used method is to hold down the power button on the TV key panel for five seconds, the television will restart automatically and the lock will disappear.

If the lock is still on, unplug the television and remove the battery from the back panel of the television, wait a few hours and turn on the TV.


    The key lock message appears on a television screen when they prevent the president from pressing the button on the TV front panel.

    If there is a remote control, you can go to the Television menu and use the key lock setting off it, this lock on/off option is to pressure the menu button in the settings.


    Use this method before you have a TV key locked. If this method is effective then fine, otherwise more methods are listed below.

    1. TV power on.

    2. Press the Menu key.

    3. Menu setup screen appears.

    4. Scroll down to the Key Lock function.

    5. Set function to on/off.

    6. Press the Exit button to exit.

    How to unlock all Smart LED TV without remote control - Open a locked LED and LCD TV.


    Locking the TV buttons is a big problem, and there are many ways to fix it, listed below.  There are also videos on our YouTube channel, you can also benefit from them.  Here are ten tips to help you unlock your TV.

    Solution No 1:

    How to unlock a television panel lock without a remote?

    You can use different tactics to unblock some TVs.

    The power button must be pressed for ten seconds, the TV will reboot.  

    Remove the battery from the back of the smart TV if the lock is still engaged.

    Solution No 2:

    How to unlock an old TV panel key lock without a remote?

    I assumed it was a combination of holding 2 or 3 keys for 10 seconds like on a phone.

    Or we suggest unplugging the TV to perform a hard reset.

    This can unlock the physical buttons.

    Solution No 3:

    How to unlock or operate a smart TV without a remote?

    Some modern smart TVs allow you to download a remote app for your smartphone that connects to your smart TV over the same Wi-Fi network and lets you control it that way.

    Solution No 4:

    How to unlock a LED TV key lock without remote control, is the best method that 100% work.

    You can use your Android phone as a remote control if it has an IR blaster.

    Even if it's not built into your phone, you can make one with an old 3.5mm headphone jack and an IR LED from any old remote control.

    This material is also available in the television repair shop.

    Solution No 5:

    How do remove the panel lock on any TV or LCD TV?

    You can try to unplug the LCD TV for at least 5 to 6 hours and it should reset the lock.  

    Otherwise, an original remote control is required.

    Doing so will restrain the TV, and remove the lock on the TV.

    Solution No 6:

    The best option to fix the panel key lock is to buy a new remote control that matches your TV brand.  

    However, if you can't afford the TV and/or remote control anymore, I suggest you buy a universal remote control.

    It is a remote control programmed to control one or more different brands of electronic devices.

    This remote control can only determine a specific number of devices specified by its manufacturer at the lowest level.

    While medium and high-tech-generation remote controls allow users to subscribe to new control codes for remote control.

    Solution No 7:

    How can we turn on the TV without a remote control?

    Which one enables a TV without a function button?

    Take a closer look, there must be something on the right side of the key panel in front of the TV or maybe below it, but the latter is hiding it well on the TV.

    So, take another look and read the manual.  And by following the instructions, we can turn on the TV without a remote control.

    Solution No 8:

    How do we reset the TV without the remote control?

    The simple and smart way, pull the power socket!  Or if you want to make it more durable, pull the plug and disconnect the plug from the cable.

    Which is always a better way than a TV program.

    With this process, you can rest your TV programming.

    Solution No 09:

    Is it possible to unlock LCD TV without a remote control?

    In the new generation TV models, you can also rearrange the TV without a remote control.

    If the TV is not accidentally blocked by the remote control, you may need to flash the TV system, and it is best not to experiment on your own without knowledge.

    When a window appears for which you need to enter a specific code, try entering it using the buttons on the TV key panel.

    Solution No 10:

    How to unlock the LC32X20E card without a remote control?

    Make sure the TV is turned on, then unplug the LCD TV directly from the outlet. 

    Press and hold the buttons on the TV panel (INPUT and VOL) ​​together. 

    Connect the plug and wait for the LCD TV to turn on, a small symbol (K) will appear.

    Now you can release the buttons.

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